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A look at the shadow play of Lost in Shadows [Video/Screens]

One upcoming game that I think will ultimately end up being a cult hit is Lost in Shadow. Coming to us from Konami and Hudson, the game takes the puzzle/platforming genre to another level thanks to the concept that users traverse and manipulate the world via the shadows.  It’s definitely a game that won’t be for everyone, but those who love games akin to Ico will probably love what Lost in Shadows has to offer.

Dethklok game gets axed

After winning the hearts of TV viewers, dominating the heavy metal industry and just being the most metal band in the existence of the world, the video game industry proved to be too much for Dethklok.  I’m of course talking about the “fictional” band Dethklok from the show Metalocalypse.  You see a Matalocalypse game was in the works via Konami but sadly it has been axed, presumably in a metal way.

Sony Metal Gear Solid W-Series Walkman [Product Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The Metal Gear Solid W-Series Walkman isn’t a shameless tie-in product as it’s an excellent MP3 player. Featuring good sound quality and a small size that makes it easy to transport, the W-Series Walkman is an absolute steal if you're looking for a new MP3 and wish to expand your MGS collection.

The Pros: 

The sound quality is superb. Even though they may be camouflage, the design of the headphones is very nice and aren’t cumbersome or awkward to wear. Having five songs from the MGS Peace Walker soundtrack is a very nice bonus. Really good portability and battery life. The 2GB storage space is nice given the compact size of the headphones.

The Cons: 

During long listening sessions the earbuds can become a tad uncomfortable. The headphones may not have enough of an MGS theme for some. It would’ve been nice if a small bag or case was included to store the headphones when not in use. Rating : 

Even though video games are massively popular it’s still surprising to see the type of products or cross promotions that are created for big franchise games. One video game franchise that has always maintained a fair level of consistency amongst their products has been Metal Gear Solid.  Despite being one of the most popular and recognized video games ever created, MGS has kept things relatively low key with the standard action figures, limited edition t-shirts and a few themed peripherals.

A final artistic look at E3 2010

E3 and the subsequent post-E3 aftershocks may be finally ending but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still talking about it. While we weren’t graced with any true hardware surprises or game announcements, E3 2010 was memorable if only for the extremely strange Konami conference.

Microsoft's 3rd Annual Xbox Live Summer of Arcade Line Up Dated

Summer is upon us and that means it is time for Microsoft to roll out their Xbox Live Summer of Arcade extravaganza for the third consecutive year.

This year's selections represents a delightful mix of Xbox Live Arcade games to waste your Summer hours away that features everything from high speed nautical racing to the latest adventure from a famous gaming buxom heroine. 

This year's release schedule is as follows:

New batch of Lost in Shadow screens

Even though it was two weeks ago I’m still reeling from E3. Being a first time attendee it was definitely an eye-opening experience that was a mixture of complete and utter awesome combined with daily exhaustion. Running around playing games, navigating through the herd of poorly dressed neck beard “journalists” and arriving on time for appointments is definitely harder than it sounds.  While I was able to hit up most of the games I had an interest in seeing I sadly missed out on one key title: Lost in Shadow.

Silent Hill: Reborn premier trailer

One of the most cherished horror games in the world of gaming has been Konami’s Silent Hill series. Even when Silent Hill premiered on the PS1 11 years ago the game struck a chord with gamers thanks to its nail biting gameplay and unique premise.  Then in the PS2 era the Silent Hill franchise reached its classic status thanks to Silent Hill 2 & 3, two games which to this day are considered some of the best horror games ever made.

Nintendo 3DS Spotlight [E3 2010]

Good god what a show. I mean really, even days afterwards I find that I’m still reeling. Fortunately the extra time it’s been taking to get all our media together has afforded us an opportunity to sit back and reflect on everything that has happened. One of the biggest events at E3 each year is the reveal of the new hardware that we’ll be playing with in the foreseeable future. While there was “official” reveals of things like the Kinect, the big story in hardware this year is the Nintendo 3DS.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Hands-On [E3 2010]

At this point if a 3rd person action game is released featuring a fantasy setting (i.e. one with monsters of some form) many are quick to assume it’s a God of War clone or company X’s attempt at a God of War like game.  That assumption isn’t too silly though as the God of War series, mainly God of War 3, has become the standard to how a 3rd person action game should be done, at least in that particular sub-section of the action genre.  

Small Metal Gear Solid: Rising image shows off Raiden

Perhaps a sign that the game will have some sort of showing at E3, box art for Metal Gear Solid: Rising has surfaced via Xbox Live Marketplace.  The box art gives us a better look of Raiden who still looks different compared to his MGS4 appearance. The spine holding, heroic pose and big ass gun strapped on his back once again show that Raiden isn’t to be messed with, even if he has girly hair.

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