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New details on Silent Hill: Downpour, the next terrifying Silent Hill chapter

Last June Konami announced the next installment of the Silent Hill series, which once again isn’t being handled by Konami Japan but instead the Czech based Vatra games.  The new entry, Silent Hill: Reborn, didn’t have much of a presence at E3, besides one of the developers looking creepy during the infamous Konami press conference, but at least we got a pretty sizeable trailer.  Since then Silent Hill: Reborn essentially fell off the face of the Earth, but ju

Substantial DLC announced for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow may not have gotten the same amount of attention and hype as God of War 3 or even Dante’s Inferno, but the game was still amazing nonetheless.  I personally loved how hardcore and epic Lords of Shadow was and as a whole I couldn’t believe how polished the game was considering it came from a relatively unknown developer.  Now Konami has revealed that the adventure of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will continue in two new DLC adventures, one of which promises to expand the story quite considerably.

Marvel Bringing Classic X-Men Arcade Game to PS3 and Xbox 360

In my opinion, two of the greatest arcade games I ever played was The Simpsons and X-men. Both of these quarter munching machines were released by Konami and now at least of one of them is ready to makes it debut on your gaming console.

Today at New York Comic Con, Marvel revealed that the X-Men Arcade classic will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles via Sony's PSN and Microsoft's XBL Marketplace.

Experience the journey of Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D [Screens/Video]

Looking at what was revealed at Nintendo’s recent 3DS conference, I’m wondering what big game franchise didn’t make an appearance. Obviously I’m doing a little bit of exaggeration, but an insane amount of massive 3rd party and 1st games were revealed for the 3DS which does make the PSP fanboy inside me cry a bit.  But I will be jumping aboard the 3DS bandwagon next year mainly so I can play games like Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

Stunning new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow overview trailer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow comes out next week, and if the actual game looks as thrilling as all the trailers have been then I think we’re in for a huge surprise.  There was a lot of initial negative buzz for Lords of Shadow, the most of which stemmed from the game being a God of War “clone” and the rest coming from that fact that Konami Japan wasn’t developing the game. But now we have this brand spanking new 11 minute trailer for Lords of Shadow has been released and I honestly defy anyone out there not to be impressed.

TGS 2010 trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is long and thoroughly amazing

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the Castlevania reboot/relaunch, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, will be worth checking out.  The Castlevania franchise holds a special spot for most gamers; with a relatively unproven developer at the helm most gamers were quick to assume that Lords of Shadow was nothing more than Konami’s attempt at a God of War game.

Hideo Kojima comments on if we'll see MGS4 redux

When it comes to being the master of Twitter hype in the video game community, there’s no one better than Hideo Kojima.  Kojima must have a lot of spare time on his hands when he isn’t working on new MGS games as he’s often tweeting about leather jackets, what he’s having for dinner and dropping occasional game teases that often go nowhere.

Japanese publishers outline their TGS 2010 lineups

The Tokyo Game Show is a mere three weeks away and as always the anticipation for the event is high.  In the past three years TGS hasn’t exactly been the place for many major announcements, but there are always a few standout games or unique reveals which often make up for the lack of megaton announcements.

Retailer leaks Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collector's Edition

It just had to happen didn’t it? With publishers wanting to maximize their earnings and make sure they fully penetrate the market, no one should be surprised that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is getting a Collector’s Edition. In fact it does make a lick of sense since Lords of Shadow is essentially Konami’s reboot of the Castlevania franchise, therefore it’s logical to give it some “special” treatment.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair [Review] [Summer of Arcade]

Overall Feeling: 

It feels like a Gameboy Advance title that got lost somewhere in Konami's vault and then was thrown on Xbox Live Arcade without anyone bothering to check if it worked, or was worth paying money for.

The Pros: 

6-person multiplayer, that's rare for any title. The core gameplay works alright. Collecting gear for your character could definitely be addictive with the right group of people.

The Cons: 

Terrible graphics. Eye-hurting menu systems. Ridiculous decisions for playing from a map-view, which when zoomed in upon feels like you just blew up a thumbnail (and distorted the image). Single-player experience feels almost broken. Loading pages are annoying. Rating : 

The third entry in Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade series has now come and gone, and honestly this one has been the hardest for me to try and formulate an opinion on. You see the problem is that I’m a pretty big fan of the Castlevania series, and the road to the title had me all kinds of hyped for the game… unfortunately it turned out to be… well not so great. Castlevania Harmony of Despair feels like a cheeky little ploy to throw “HD” in the title, and in the menus on the Xbox they actually do abbreviate it down to just “Castlevania HD” which in the end becomes ironic.

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