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Battle: L.A. - The Game Is Apparently Becoming A Reality

Since gamers are so fond of games based on movies, I’m being sarcastic of course, there appears to be a game adaptation of the forthcoming sci-fi action flick Battle: L.A. in the works.  The news of Battle: L.A.

The DLC For Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gets A Small Delay

Gamers will have to put away their whips and stakes as Konami has delayed the story based DLC content for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The first installment dubbed Reverie was set to drop sometime this month on both the PSN and XBL but due to development lasting longer than expected the DLC has been delayed until March pending certification issues from Sony and Microsoft.

Silent Hill: Downpour Producer Reveals A Few New Things About The Game

Last month Konami decided to re-announce the already announced next entry in the Silent Hill franchise by sharing a few more details and screens along with unveiling the official name, Silent Hill: Downpour.  Beloved by a wide amount of gamers, the reaction to Silent Hill: Downpour has been a bit hit and mixed; some have loved what they’ve seen while others are highly skeptical of whether or not developer Vatra Games has what it takes to do the Silent Hill franchise justic

Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party 2011 Games Dated & Priced

Microsoft today unveil pricing and release dates information for their lineup of games that will make up this year's Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party promotion. Beginning next week on February 16th and ending on March 16th, you'll be able to download one of the below listed premium arcade game that is being offered via Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace.

February 16th Hard Corps: Uprising, 1200 Microsoft Points:

Hideo Kojima Mentions A Mysterious New Project

Hideo Kojima is up to his usual antics on Twitter and I’m not referring to him Tweeting about his journey to McDonalds to have a Texas 2 Burger.  Instead of talking about his meals and other things, all of which is usually cool, Kojima has made a classic stealth Tweet concerning his latest project. As always the Tweet is vague, somewhat elusive and is filled with no real details yet here we are, overly hyped because Kojima is a game god.

Silent Hill: Downpour looks creepy in these new screens

Konami has revealed that the next entry of the Silent Hill series will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 this Autumn.  Titled Silent Hill: Downpour, the game has players in the role of a recently escaped prison inmate who stumbles upon Silent Hill and the many mysteries that are hidden in the dark and grim town.  Earlier this month we were greeted to some new details on the game which included the heavy emphasis on water and the in-game transport method of taking the Silent Hi

Is a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection inbound? [RUMOR]

It just wouldn’t be a normal week in the video game industry if a rumor didn’t pop up that made all of us put on our speculation and bullshit meter hats in an attempt to see if the news was legit.  This week’s juicy rumor revolves around the much wanted release of a Metal Gear Solid HD remix trilogy for the PS3.  Since the cool thing to do these days amongst publishers is to release HD remix collections of classic PS2 games, Konami may finally jumping on with a rumored MGS trilogy exclusively for the PS3.

An interesting piece of info is dropped about Konami's decisions concerning Silent Hill

When you ask gamers what they think of the Silent Hill series as it exists now, the response isn’t going to be pretty.  After starting out strong on the PS1, the Silent Hill franchise reached all new levels of epicness with Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 – two games that to this day are still regarded highly from a graphics, story and design standpoint. Then Silent Hill 4 rolled around and proved to be ok, if not disappointing.

Toy collector freak out time: Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure coming out

Being a fan of Zone of the Enders is somewhat agonizing as its been eight years since we received Zone of the Enders 2.  The second installment of the ZOE franchise didn’t set the sales charts afire, but the series has a loyal fanbase who is desperately yearning for a HD installment. Hideo Kojima hasn’t done us any favors as we merely get teases of ZOE 3 but nothing ever concrete as to whether the series will return. But hey, at least we have this kick-ass Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure to satisfy our ZOE fandom.

Konami already looking for staffers for "next-gen" version of Metal Gear Solid

I don’t know if Hideo Kojima’s paranoia has set in, if Konami has dragged him back or if he’s just bored, but a recent post on the Konami jobs page all but confirms that Konami/Kojima Productions is working on the next iteration of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.  There was never any doubt that the MGS franchise wouldn’t come back in some form, but the Konami jobs listing is interesting primarily because it’s seeking staff to work on a “next-gen” installment of the Metal Gear series.

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