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MGS Collectors Ought To Take Note Of This New Kojima Tease

Being a gamer and an overall geek, I like to collect cool action figures or statues of popular video game characters I like.  Having laid down $260 on the Sideshow Collectibles Kratos statue, I find myself having to lessen my budget for somewhat superfluous things like picking up a Ratchet & Clank figure but I can only hope this tease of a Metal Gear Solid figure isn’t in the $100+ category.

Find Out Which Bosses Are Making A Guest Appearance in No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

As a gamer I’m used to double dipping when it comes to video games sometimes. There are times when a game may release a new edition like DMC3: Special Edition that features such a cool bonus (playable Vergil FTW) that it warrants a second purchase. But never before in my long history as a gamer would I ever think that I would buy a game for a 3rd time. Perhaps I do have a problem of sorts since I’m buying a game for a third time, but I think such a thing is warranted based on what’s being offered in No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise/Red Zone.

Konami Announces New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Clothing Line

The reach of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has no boundaries as we’ve seen products for the franchise range from affordable action figures, high-end statues, limited edition clothing and even MGS branded food (which sadly was exclusive to Japan).  Once again the MGS franchise is reaching out to gamers who want to express their fandom of the series by wearing t-shirts and clothing that aren’t of a Hot Topic quality. Instead, if you want what appears to be high-end clothes based on MGS then you may want to check out what Konami has announced today.

Konami Possibly Looking Into Developing a Multiplayer Centric Silent Hill Chapter

The balance in terms of pleasing fans of the Silent Hill video game series has been a difficult one. Some would say that Konami has slightly betrayed the trust of gamers as the recent iterations of the Silent Hill games haven’t exactly been quite up to snuff, which as a whole is slightly attributed to how Konami purposely took the Silent Hill dev duties away from the core Japanese team in an effort to bring a fresh take to the series.

Silent Hill: Revelations Gets Some Familiar Faces

Silent Hill: Revelations may only have started production last week, but we already have our latest update on the cast which will likely please those who enjoyed the first SH film.  Returning to the world of Silent Hill once more is Radha Mitchell, who will be reprising her role of Rose Da Silva.  For those who didn’t see the first Silent Hill film, and I wouldn’t blame you based on the stigma movies based on games have, Rose accidently ended up in the town of Silent Hill with her daughter and then lots and lots of bad stuf

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Reverie Trailer Is Dark and Moody

The battle against the Lord of Shadow may have seemingly ended, but the battle for Gabriel Belmont continues in the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Reverie DLC.  After receiving a small delay, the next installment in Konami’s Castlevania reboot is almost upon us and we have our very first trailer for it.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC Finally Dated/Priced

The monster killing action of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will continue soon despite a short delay as the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC will hit the PSN and XBL later this month.  The first chapter of a two-part DLC release was originally set to drop in February, but due to development running longer than expected, Konami had to delay the Reverie DLC until March.  A one month delay isn’t too bad, even if we need to wait until the end of the month to hop into the dark settings of

Filming On Silent Hill: Revelations Has Commenced And The Leading Lady Is...

I don’t know whether the fact that I completely forgot about Silent Hill: Revelations is indicative of me just being busy as hell or the gamer side of me just brushing it aside as another potentially ho-hum video game movie.  Despite the initial legal hurdles that the second installment of the Silent Hill film franchise faced (the screenwriter of SH1 is in jail), the film nonetheless moved on with Lionsgate distributing the film in place of Sony and Director Michael J.

For Those Who Care Here's A Trailer For The Battle: L.A. Video Game

The unthinkable has happened and the game based on the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Battle: L.A. is indeed receiving an unprecedented stealth release this month.  A week ago it was revealed via a rating listing that a game adaptation of Battle: L.A. was set to be released by Konami and with a release date not listed, most had thought the game would come out later in the year, perhaps to capitalize on the Blu-ray/DVD release of the film.  Nope, Battle: L.A.

Hard Corps: Uprising [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Hard Corps is a grueling, 2D, side-scrolling, bullet-hell of a shoot-'em-up and exactly what the Xbox Live Arcade needs. In a world of gamers gone soft, it is incredibly unforgiving in a way that makes you appreciate each step of the journey that you're able to complete.

The Pros: 

+Solid game mechanics

+Multiplayer Online/Offline

+Ability to upgrade your character's abilities/weapons through Uprising Mode

+Strong sense of accomplishment for any progress in the game

The Cons: 

-Very high learning curve

-Not a whole lot of help with the platforming

-Difficult for someone to jump into

-Not a game with 'wide-appeal' Rating : 

The one good thing about the over-saturation of video game/movie titles has become that there is truth in advertising these days. Starting back with Snakes On A Plane, the necessity to start naming media based on what it is, rather than a really super-cool sounding title with no attachment has become more and more prevalent. Still though, there are periods in time when a catch title can lead one to question what is in store.

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