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Debut Footage Of MGS3 HD Edition Looks Beautiful

Yesterday we received some glorious images proving that HD Collections can be a good thing as the MGS HD Collection simply looked superb.  The first major media reveal of the HD upgrade being given to MGS2, MGS3 and MGS: Peace Walker, the screens looked glorious but of course looking at a still image never conveys the same awe that is to be had from seeing something in motion. To give MGS fans one last treat to celebrate Gamescom, Konami and Kojima Productions have released a new video showing off the HD upgrade MGS3 has received.

Fresh Images From The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Whether or not the sudden surge in developers creating HD collections of old games is a sign of a lack of imagination is yet to be seen.  So far we haven’t seen too many publishers jump on the HD remix/collection bandwagon and the titles released thus far have mostly been for games people care about such as Tomb Raider or God of War.  Sure, seeing a company release a HD collection may be a way for a few easy bucks to be made but in the case of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection I don’t think people really care as long as the games are good and faithful to the originals.

Konami Lifts The Fog as The Silent Hill: HD Collection is Xbox 360 Bound

When Konami originally announced the release of the Silent Hill: HD Collection (Silent Hill 2 & 3), it was supposed to be an exclusive release for only on the PS3 but Konami seems to have a change of heart and decided that the Silent Hill: HD Collection will spread its haunting fog on the Xbox 360 as well. Konami hopes to have both versions release simultaneously sometime in early 2012.

Hideo Kojima Shares A Teaser Image From The Fox Engine (It's Classic Kojima Teaser Time)

Hideo Kojima apparently wasn’t content in giving gamers a tease of a possible Zone of the Enders title for the 3DS as he has released yet another Twitter tease.  I guess being responsible for one of the biggest video game franchises ever allows someone to do whatever they please as Konami really can’t give Kojima a talking to, thus we’re tortured by endless teases.  The latest tease by Mr.

Metal Gear Solid Becomes Even More Strategy Focused In Risk: Metal Gear Solid (This Isn't A Joke)

I had to do a double take on this news as I thought it was merely a prank of sorts to capitalize on the sometimes over-eager video game press and fans but Konami is co-developing a Metal Gear Solid version of the popular board game Risk.  Now you must be saying that the stealth action of MGS would be perfect for the tactical heavy nature of Risk as the two unlikely combinations would be perfect for a video game. The thing is that the Risk adaptation of MGS is going to be an actual board game and not a video game.

E3 Megaton Announcement #1: Konami & Kojima Productions Reveal MGS HD Collection and Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Today has been rather interesting for a few reasons, the biggest of which is how the Konami pre-E3 press conference turned out to be a bit of a bust.  Instead of dishing out a live press conference filled with a bunch of snafus and Japanese developers totally going ape shit crazy on stage, Konami opted to go with a pre-recorded presentation featuring segments dedicated to specific games like MGS 3: 3DS Edition and Never Dead.  The event, which has some cool moments (Silent Hill: Downpour and Never Dead may actually be good) but the biggest reveal belongs to none other than Hideo K

Konami E3 2011 Press Conference Viewing Party/Live Blog Extravaganza

Last year at E3 something special happened: Konami had a press conference and it was the epitome of crazy and weird.  Most E3 press conferences tend to be a 50/50 split of pure boredom (sales charts, casual shovelware) and stuff that gets us excited (major game reveals, new hardware being shown) but last year Konami gave us nothing but gems. 

Some Incredibly Interesting Metal Gear Rumors Surface

One thing about E3 and the days leading up to the event that has always tickled my fancy are the various pre-E3 rumors we receive. Most of the time it’s fun to get a little tease of something that’s going to be revealed on the show floor or during a press conference even if it takes away from the overall surprise factor that E3 presents every year.  But every now and then we get a rumor that completely stretches the realm of reality in terms of its believability.

Konami Announces The Aerial Based Action Game Birds of Steel

Konami has finally gotten into the pre-E3 hype by announcing a brand spanking new IP that doesn’t involve ninjas, vampire hunters or any other such fantastical things. Instead, Konami has announced the WWII based Birds of Steel.  The prospect of receiving another WWII game may be something none of us want, but Birds of Steel does have something to set itself apart as it’s a straight up action flight sim.

Hideo Kojima Posts A Somewhat Vauge And Depressing Tweet (It's not a game tease)

The world of Hideo Kojima may be in disarray at the moment based on a series of Tweets the acclaimed developer has recently made.  Most of us are familiar with Kojima’s style of Twitter posts which are either teases of his upcoming projects, his thoughts on food, or what movies/music he’s appreciating at the moment. But today Kojima has posted some rather dire Tweets which may not bode well for a project the famed creator of Metal Gear Solid was working on.

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