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Skullgirls [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Skullgirls is a quirky, fun, and deep 2D fighter with a particularly distinct aesthetic style. With its roots in respected fighters, like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and BlazBlue, Skullgirls offers a deliberately paced fighting that rewards high-level combo execution and adaptability. The content offered is a little sparse, and the game is a bit unfriendly to new players, but as far as sprite-based 2D fighters go, Skullgirls is a knockout.

The Pros: 

+ All-female cast may seem scarce, but each fighter is unique and fully realized

+ Visual style is daring and evocative

+ Combat system developed and refined by tournament player Mike Z, resulting in some great balance

The Cons: 

- Lacking in content. Most notable omission is a move list for each fighter, a genre standard

- AI is brutal, even on lower settings

- Steep learning curve for new players, even compared to other modern fighters Rating : 

Creating a fighting game isn’t easy. All it takes is one balance issue or design flaw to turn an entire community against your best efforts. This goes double for indie fighters, which generally lack the tuning and quality control necessary to be accepted by one of the most rabid and hard-to-please fan bases in the industry.

Solidus Snake Play Arts Kai Figure Is Big And Looks Evil

Fans of video game antagonists sporting mustaches and who reside in a grey area may be happy to see the final version of the Play Arts Kai Solidus Snake figure. The chief baddie from MGS2 is next in line to receive the high-end toy treatment and he honestly looks as badass as a Big Boss clone turned President turned tentacle suit wearing villain can look.

Kojima Productions' FOX Engine Update Shows How Stealthy An Office Can Be

Development may be deep underway on both Project Ogre and the new FOX Engine, but Kojima Productions decided to give us a brief tease of what gamers can expect from the new-fangled engine that will be powering their games.  We’ve already seen Hideo Kojima flaunt some early FOX Engine screens both showcasing an actual prototype of a game scenario along with giving us a glimpse at how the engine can replicate real objects i.e. actual actors with near flawless quality.

An Early Glimpse At The First Metal Gear Rising Play Arts Kai Figure

Metal Gear Solid fans are now in a good period if they just so happen to be toy collectors since the franchise has gotten a major push in the merchandise front in the last two years.  Originally MGS has always had cool product representation such as the original action figure lines done by McFarlane Toys, but now that Konami has teamed up with Square Enix to produce figures we’re in a golden era of sorts.

The Director Of Metal Gear Rising Is Finally Revealed + Demo News

At this point the feelings about Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (I giggle every time I type that) are still mixed despite it being well over a month since the game was finally unveiled.  There’s certainly an amount of unfair bashing over the direction MGR has gone in, but for the most part there are some level-headed folks out there who simply aren’t sold on the title, despite either being fans of Metal Gear or developer Platinum Games.

Hideo Kojima Talks Project Ogre, Reveals Open-Ended Approach Being Taken

We may be on the verge of getting weekly or at least bi-weekly updates from Hideo Kojima concerning Project Ogre, his forthcoming project which may or may not be Metal Gear related.  Kojima has of course stayed somewhat elusive as to what the core of Project Ogre would be and for a good while most gamers were under the impression that it would be something radically different for the master game designer.

Hideo Kojima Offers A Small Look At Project Ogre

Most gamers may not be totally sold on the revamped version of Metal Gear Rising, but Hideo Kojima has done us a solid by releasing new images from his forthcoming project.  Currently codenamed Project Ogre, the next potential Hideo Kojima masterpiece will be the debut game utilizing the newly developed FOX Engine, the in-house built graphics engine that Hideo and the team at Kojima Productions have put together.

Get The Full Story On Metal Gear Rising In This New Video

I’ve already shared my initial thoughts on Metal Gear Rising but now we have a better idea of what happened with the project and how Platinum Games came onboard. As promised, Konami and Kojima Productions have released a twenty-five minute video that’s essentially a short documentary as to the origins and history of Metal Gear Rising thus far.

Day 1 Studios Gets Hit With Layoffs, Revealed To Have Been Working On A Konami Franchise

The year may almost be over and in a way the video game biz is slowly ramping up to enter stasis mode for a few weeks, but alas we have news of yet another studio being hit with substantial layoffs.  2011 has seen a great many studios be closed or halved in size, some of which were to be expected while others were a complete shock (Team Bondi closing still has me in WTF mode).  Today brings the unfortunate news that layoffs have been issued at Day 1 Studios due to a deal falling through, something which is all too common to hear these days.

Hideo Kojima Comments On MGS5, Doesn't Say Much

There’s been recent hubbub as of late concerning Hideo Kojima’s "reveal" that MGS5 will happen and that he’s working on it. The news itself came from a legit source as Kojima partook in an interview with OPM UK and apparently said as much.  Well once again we have a case of Euro game journos being a bit too excited and Kojima kind of trolling us with MGS news.

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