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First Look At The Bosses Of Metal Gear Rising [Video/Screens]

As much as TGS is associated with the PlayStation brand, gamers also think of Metal Gear Solid once September rolls around.  Konami and Kojima Productions may share some Metal Gear love to other industry events such as E3, but TGS is usually the one place in which we can look forward to receiving a somewhat excessively long trailer that ends with a comedic stinger.  Such a tradition still holds true for TGS 2012 as we have an extended, and rather revealing, look at Metal Gear Rising.

Konami Packs In Metal Gear Demo With Zone of the Enders Once Again

Konami is keeping the tradition alive pertaining to the Zone of the Ender and Metal Gear franchises. As veteran gamers know, when the first Zone of the Enders game was released on the PS2 back in 2001 it included the first and only public demo of MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Back in the day before demos were made available on a near weekly basis thanks to digital distribution, receiving a demo packed in with a game was a big deal, thus ZoE was bought by gamers merely to get a taste of MGS2.

Metal Gear Rising Hands-on [PAX Prime 2012]

I’ve said, since I got my Sonic Team logo tattoo, that if I hadn’t gone with Sonic for permanent ink/nerd-cred I would have paid respect to Kojima-san by getting a Foxhound tattoo. So when Metal Gear Rising was first shown, I found myself a little leery, to say the least, at the concept of breaking the entire Metal Gear/tactical espionage genre being cast to the way-side in favor of a ridiculous, over-the-top action/adventure title.

New Zone of the Enders HD Collection Trailer Shows off ZoE2

Some of us may already be familiar with the story and the battle scenarios, but it’s hard not to have our excitement rekindle for the Zone of the Enders Collection. Say what you will about games receiving the HD remaster treatment, but the mere fact that Konami and Kojima Productions are continuing the ZoE franchise in some form is good enough for us, even if it simply consists of the first two stunning games given a fresh HD coat of paint.

Hideo Kojima Makes Some Interesting Comments About Silent Hill And The FOX Engine

Putting a lot of stock into Twitter talk is never a good thing, especially when it comes from the master troll that is Hideo Kojima.  A few exciting tidbits may be dropped here and there on Twitter or even from the likes of the legendary Kojima, but most of the time it’s just pointless chatter.  Today we have something that doesn’t exactly fit in the pointless chatter department but at the same time isn’t an official thing by any stretch. More importantly said Twitter chatter involved two things I don’t think we would’ve ever put together: Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Revelation Debut Trailer Looks Equal Parts Scary and Good

The curse that has been bestowed upon video games that were adapted into films could soon be lifted through the horror filled journey of the Silent Hill universe.  Out of the half-dozen films that have been made based on video games, the film adaptation of Silent Hill proved to be decent if not above average compared to the garbage we’ve gotten before. Far from being perfect, the Silent Hill movie got the look of the video games down and it wasn’t too cheesy, even if some of the dialog was a bit ham-fisted.

Vatra (Silent Hill: Downpour) May Be Forced To Close Up Shop

As if the list of closed developers wasn’t large enough yet another name could soon be added to the list.  Silent Hill: Downpour developer Vatra is said to be under review by parent company Kuju, which in business talk is simply a nice way of saying the place is as good as dead.  Now the final killing blow from Pyramid Head may not have been given to Vatra just yet, but things aren’t looking good for the Czech based developer and in a way the lack of success around Silent Hill: Downpour has definitely played a part in the studio’s current situation.

Hideo Kojima Once Again Confirms MGS5 + A Solid Snake Update

Hideo Kojima has revealed something that was kind of obvious to begin with but in addition he also dropped a potentially major tidbit that could be awesome for all the wrong reasons.  We know that Kojima is keeping busy doing something as he’s working on the FOX Engine, is overlooking the development of Metal Gear Rising, and is keeping an eye on the recently revealed Enders Project.

Hideo Kojima Issues An Update On The E3 Apperances Of The FOX Engine and Metal Gear Rising

Hideo Kojima is the type of guy who likes to tease people of impending goodness all the time.  When he’s not taking pictures of Spider-Man boxer shorts he recently bought, Kojima is best known for posting a bevy of teases on Twitter that sometimes pan out the way we want them to and sometimes fall short in such a way that Kojima should be the new Troll Face image.

Metal Gear Rising Live-Action Video Redefines The Meaning Of Cheesy

With E3 creeping ever so closer more and more developers are starting to reveal their projects. We’ve already seen Sony go buck wild by announcing God of War: Ascension along with dropping the mega bomb that it’ll feature a major multiplayer component.  I don’t know if everyone is planning to blow their proverbial wad prior to E3 in order to get the jump on everyone and not be outshone come next month, but in the end that simply means more goodness for gamers.

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