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Super Bomberman R [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Super Bomberman R is easily the best multiplayer title for the Nintendo Switch at launch. It evokes a sense of nostalgia, not only through the gameplay, but through the proper presentation of the Nintendo Switch hardware. Use of the JoyCon is functional and brings back that feeling of playing the NES with your friends.

The Pros: 

+Adorable characters
+Classic Gameplay
+Co-op throughout the entire story
+Battlemode is fun and easy to setup

The Cons: 

-Story is short
-Online is super limited
-Not too many viable boards offered in multiplayer Rating : 

When everyone was complaining about the launch titles for the Switch being limited to Zelda, I kept shouting back “What about Bomberman!?” I’ve been a life-long Bomber-fan since I first started playing the series on the NES. It’s a game that it near and dear to my heart, primarily because it’s a franchise I’ve always been damned good at.

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