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Knights Contract

Game Republic (Genji, Folklore) Is Officially Closed + A Folklore 2 Tidbit

It’s not too often that we hear of a Japanese developer closing up shop but apparently such a thing has happened recently.

New Knights Contract screens show more gothic inspired monsters

With the success of Enslaved, more on that later this week in my review, maybe Knights Contract (also from Namco Bandai) will prove to be a success. After all, both games feature unlikely heroes stuck with women who hold the key to their life/eventual salvation.  Both games also share a similarity of taking the often hated escort mission mechanic and making it the crux of the game, though not in an entirely annoying way.

Knights Contract has an incredible new trailer

With massive reveals like Devil May Cry and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 taking the spotlight at TGS, there were a few games that in a way went under the radar amongst the press and general attendees.  Maybe it’s the Western style or that fact that it has witches and magic, but Knights Contract from Namco Bandai looks like it’s shaping up nicely so far.

Knights Contract has witches, monsters and tons of blood [Video]

Maybe the video game industry is course correcting itself since we’re seeing a nice amount if new IPs pop up.  After being inundated with a truckload of sequels, publishers now seem to be taking a chance on some new properties.  Namco Bandai seems to be at the forefront of the new IP adventure with games like Majin and the recently announced action romp Knights Contract.

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