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Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix Vancouver Showcase

This past week we had the opportunity to head down to a local event put on by the PR team behind all Square Enix’s recent and upcoming releases. We only had a short time to play through everything (2 hours) but we went hands-on with as much as humanly possible!

Below are some shots of the event, along with thoughts (previews) of the titles that were available to us and we had the most time (and fun!) with:

Flame x Blaze (MOBA)

Square Enix Goes All Out With Special Kingdom Hearts Anniversary/KH3D Presentation


Knowing that the Kingdom Hearts franchise is now ten years old makes me feel incredibly old and just want to just go into old man mode based on what kids are playing these days. Having played Kingdom Hearts when it first came out it’s nice to see the franchise still maintain a nice level of popularity ten years later, even if the story requires a massive chart to be laid out in an attempt to make one element make sense.

The World Of TRON Returns To Kingdom Hearts

Despite being a Kingdom Hearts fan I haven’t been paying too much to Kingdom Hearts 3D. With my current portable action destined to be on the PlayStation Vita fulltime I had kind of pushed KH3D aside partly because it seemed to be a bit of a rehash and because the KH series has gotten somewhat nonsensical as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the general concept of Kingdom Hearts but the series has somewhat become too big for its own good and honestly, I think most gamers just want a legit version of Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of prequels. 

Big Smile Reviews: Kingdom Hearts 365/2 on the DS!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (Pronounced: "Three-Five-Eight Days over Two") is the latest instalment in the critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts series. Developed and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS, the story takes place between the first and second games. You'll be following the daily life of the main character Roxas. You'll be treated to 3D graphics that are rather snappy by DS standards along with single and multiplayer modes.

What Kingdom Hearts could've been

Speaking to Famitsu Square Enix mastermind Tetsuya Nomura talked about some of the hurdles Square had while taking on Kingdom Hearts.  Developing a concept around a revered property such as Disney wasn’t easy for Nomura and his team as some of the many creative differences between the East and West powerhouse studios included Square wanting the game to be based around Mickey while Disney wanted Donald Duck to the protagonist.

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