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Kid Icarus: Uprising

Project Sora (Kid Icarus: Uprising) Disbands


Another day, another developer vanishes from the gaming world... this time it's the team behind Kid Icarus: Uprising, Project Sora. According to the developer's website, Project Sora has been closed since June 30 for reasons still unknown. The website itself will close down as of July 31.

Now it's important to know that Project Sora was merely a branch on the tree that is Sora Ltd. Masahiro Sakurai, founder of Sora Ltd., opened Project Sora back in 2005. The studios first and only creation was Uprising.

Kid Icarus: Uprising [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

If someone had once asked me what franchise I’d like to see return (even if you were to go as specific as asking for Nintendo only) Kid Icarus is not a title I would have picked. It is not something I have a personal affinity for, but having played the newest iteration of the franchise, I’m glad that there were enough people out there crying for more Pit-centric action that this game got made. 

The Pros: 

+The control scheme works!

+There is a lot of fun to be had, both in the sky and on land.

+The voice acting is awesome, Pit is legitimately entertaining.

+There are so many additional features to the game that it's hard to even name them all.  

The Cons: 

-The multiplayer is lacking the polish of the single-player.

-The AR card integration feels like little more than a cash-grab. Rating : 

Honestly, Kid Icarus: Uprising wasn’t a title that I would have considered “on my radar” until about two weeks ago at GDC when I finally spent some time with it. The idea of another re-hash (as epic as that first teaser trailer at E3 was) didn’t really get its hooks into me from the jump. It took actually going hands-on with the completed version of the game to see why fans were excited to see a return to this ancient franchise that would have been all-but forgotten if not for Pit’s return in Smash Brothers.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Hands-on [GDC 2012]

In what was, by far, the largest showing at the Nintendo booth, Kid Icarus: Uprising was being shown in three distinct demonstrations: The first, of course, was of the single-player campaign, allowing players the chance to play three chapters of the game’s story mode. The second was a slice of the multiplayer experience, allowing gamers to try out the “Light vs. Dark” game competitive/team game mode.

Nintendo announces Japanese 3DS launch line-up, future releases and other info

Last night, or earlier today depending on which part of the world you reside in, Nintendo threw a little shindig that gave the general public in Japan their first major taste of the Nintendo 3DS.  Last year Nintendo threw a few public events showcasing the 3DS, but last night was pretty epic as it was an official Nintendo World Event, which also meant that big stuff was announced – primarily the 3DS launch games and other hardware details.

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