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Kaiju Combat Could Finally Become A Reality

In the interest of keeping you fine folks up to date with certain things, and to further show a project that the Shogun Gamer staff holds dear to their hearts, I thought I would give y’all a general update on the Kaiju Combat Kickstarter campaign

Energy Hook Debut Trailer Shows Intense Action and Thrills

Late last month a game was released that totally took me by surprise. No, I wasn’t taken aback by an obvious heavyweight like Dishonored as it was instead the small PlayStation Mobile game Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe that had me completely hooked in every regard. You can check out my review of SSSD to learn the finer points of what made the title so addicting, but the big news is that developer Happion Laboratories has just revealed their follow-up project.

The Monster Brawler That Is Kaiju Combat Surfaces Yet Again

Receiving a second chance can often be good in most situations, especially when it involves a unique fighting concept that should become a reality.  Earlier this year we saw the indie outfit at Sunstone Games reveal Kaiju Combat, the first of a potential multi-franchise series that would see giant monsters made famous in Japanese cinema (such as Mothra for example) go wild against other similar beasts of a giant nature in a fighting game setting.

Old School Wrestling May Return Thanks To Pro Wrestling X

Wrestling video games haven’t really disappeared over the years but their quality has certainly diminished.  With THQ retaining the core rights to the WWE games for the past twelve years, and until 2017 pending the company doesn’t shutter, the good old days of wrasslin video games have disappeared in favor of constant repetition and fine tuning that doesn’t go nowhere.  

Frontier Developments Announce Elite Revival Via Kickstarter

The space sim genre could be poised for a major resurgence thanks to two legendary game creators resurrecting the franchises that made them famous. After Chris Roberts announced the Wing Commander spiritual successor that is Star Citizen, Frontier Development’s David Braben has announced a revival of Elite.  Released in the 1980s, Elite was one of the first fully 3D games presented in an “open world” format and now it could return thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign.

Strike Suit Zero Surfaces Again With A Kickstarter Campaign

Making games isn’t an easy or cheap thing to do and in some cases some help is required. Thankfully the phenomenon that is Kickstarter proved that gamers are interested in funding games they’re interested in and today yet another game has gone the Kickstarter route: Strike Suit Zero.

First Screens Of The Kickstarter Funded Tactical FPS Takedown

2012 started off with a surprising bang in a sense due to the arrival of Kickstarter.  The crowd funding service may have been around for a while and even funded a few cool indie projects prior to 2012, but earlier this year was when Kickstarter arrived in a bigger fashion thanks to the campaign Double Fine launched. Since then we’ve seen a few indie companies try to fund their projects via Kickstarter, some with major success while others hit a wall and sadly don’t receive their funding.

Kickstarter: The Success Of Ouya

With over 63-thousand backers and an impressive $8.5-million raised, Ouya has reached the closing of their successful run on Kickstarter.

Back in early July, Ouya appeared on the backing website becoming an overnight success. The petite console will run on a smartphone processor created by Nvidia, and a Google Android operating system. The concept was simple, provide mobile and online game developers with a chance to create games for the television. It has since blossomed into a rather impressive project.

Super Retro Squad Is An Ode To Retro Gaming

It's not too often that we see a developer perfectly capture the essence of retro gaming but Super Retro Squad looks to be one of the few exceptions.  Super Retro Squad is an indie based effort from the same chap who created Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which as you may recall was a Nintendo mash-up of complete retro goodness. With Super Retro Squad there’s still an apparent retro feeling but this time out it’s a wholly original project that seeks to entice gamers yearning for bygone era of sprite based action.

Kickstarter: The Kick-Startingest

Kickstarter is a really huge thing right now. Hundreds of small-dude developers and other artistic project co-ordinators alike are flocking to the website now, hoping to throw their ideas into the world at convince people to back them up and help them see fruition. It's already a proven success story, the biggest one making it to press being Double Fine and their monumental success. To be honest, before someone had linked me to that Kickstarter I'd never heard of the website, and now it's a pretty regular occurrance to see it pop up in media for one project or another.

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