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Finding Victory In Video Games

In the middle of a long brick-walled office, Samarth Chandola sits behind a desk. A guitar lays on top, next to a picture – the frame reads “In Loving Memory.” It's a picture of himself.

This Month In Crowdfunding - January 2014 [Part 1]

It’s still too early to say if crowdfunding will be a major and lasting influence on the gaming industry. We have yet to see just how many of these games are actually going to be completed, and just what affect unfulfilled promises will have on backer confidence. For the moment however, crowdfunding is a pretty major force in the indie game scene.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Announces Cast Members

The Street Fighter franchise is finally poised to make a comeback in the world of cinema after a long and rather depressing history.  As you may recall, last Summer we received the rather exciting news that Capcom had given the team behind the short film Street Fighter: Legacy the ok to move forward with a full-on series.  Dubbed Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, the series is still moving forward but now it needs a little help from the gaming community via Kickstar

Old-School Goodness Is Abound In Shovel Knight

The newly formed development studio Yacht Club Games has finally announced their debut project and yes, it’s seeking funding via the Kickstarter route. Coming to us from the former WayForward filled team that is Yacht Club Games is Shovel Knight – a new ode to the 8-bit era that will make us older gamers all nostalgic.

Tactical FPS Takedown Gains Publisher and Console Release

The Kickstarter funded FPS game Takedown has now officially found a home.  After making its funding goal in a brilliant last minute hurrah, the development team at Serellan LLC continued their work on the project but now they have the backing of a rather substantial publishing partner.

Kaiju Combat Could Finally Become A Reality

In the interest of keeping you fine folks up to date with certain things, and to further show a project that the Shogun Gamer staff holds dear to their hearts, I thought I would give y’all a general update on the Kaiju Combat Kickstarter campaign

Energy Hook Debut Trailer Shows Intense Action and Thrills

Late last month a game was released that totally took me by surprise. No, I wasn’t taken aback by an obvious heavyweight like Dishonored as it was instead the small PlayStation Mobile game Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe that had me completely hooked in every regard. You can check out my review of SSSD to learn the finer points of what made the title so addicting, but the big news is that developer Happion Laboratories has just revealed their follow-up project.

The Monster Brawler That Is Kaiju Combat Surfaces Yet Again

Receiving a second chance can often be good in most situations, especially when it involves a unique fighting concept that should become a reality.  Earlier this year we saw the indie outfit at Sunstone Games reveal Kaiju Combat, the first of a potential multi-franchise series that would see giant monsters made famous in Japanese cinema (such as Mothra for example) go wild against other similar beasts of a giant nature in a fighting game setting.

Distance Could Be The Comeback Title For The Arcade Racing Genre [Developer Interview]

Video game genres necessarily don't come and go in the blink of an eye, but some of them do go away for brief periods of time while others step into the spotlight to be loved by gamers and the industry.  In some cases it can be disappointing to see one genre immediately become the go-to game for the industry since it does limit creativity and it also means something we love is put on the backburner. 

Old School Wrestling May Return Thanks To Pro Wrestling X

Wrestling video games haven’t really disappeared over the years but their quality has certainly diminished.  With THQ retaining the core rights to the WWE games for the past twelve years, and until 2017 pending the company doesn’t shutter, the good old days of wrasslin video games have disappeared in favor of constant repetition and fine tuning that doesn’t go nowhere.  

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