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Jurassic Park

Combine LittleBigPlanet 2 With Jurassic Park And This Is The Result [Video]

LittleBigPlanet 2 may be an “ancient” game at this point since it came out early last year, but the game is simply the gift that keeps on giving.  I don’t think anyone expected the game to produce as much goodness as it has done so far with people creating elaborate FPS mini-games or entirely original creations that attempt to tell a loose narrative similar to that of Journey.  The LBP2 community isn’t close to dying and I doubt such a thing will happen unless LBP3 is announced (which I have a feeling it won’t be) but in recent months not much has caught the eye of people.

Jurassic Park Hands-on and Telltale Booth [PAX Prime 2011]

Coming into PAX this year, one of the first companies I made a point of checking out was Telltale Games. They have an amazing tendency to make games based off my personal favourite properties, so I was very excited to be able to go check out Jurassic Park.

Telltale Games Issues A Somewhat Disappointing Update Concerning The Jurassic Park Game

I think a good portion of gamers may not have known this, but the first installment of Telltale Games' Jurassic Park game was set to drop this month on the PC. But as is often the case in the wild jungle that is video game development, unexpected things came up and additional time is needed to polish things, thus Telltale Games has delayed Jurassic Park’s debut on the PC.

Telltale Games Debuts The First Trailer For Jurassic Park: The Game

You give gamers anything that has dinosaurs in it and you’re guaranteed to get an audience of some sort, even if it starts out as a small one.  But if you give gamers and the mainstream audience in general a game with dinosaurs that just so happens to be based on the Jurassic Park franchise I think you may have an epic hit on your hands.  After sharing some details with us last month, developer Telltale Games has finally released the first in-game trailer for their upcomi

Some images of Telltale Games' Jurassic Park game have finally emerged

Last weekend the internet blew up when the first details on Telltale Games’ upcoming Jurassic Park game finally surfaced.  Even though the Jurassic Park game wasn’t going to feature laser strapped dinosaurs or a highly intelligent breed of dinos who were commandos (like the JP4 script) the game still sounded really interesting.

Telltale Games finally sheds some light on their Jurassic Park game

I think in the wake of Telltale Games’ Back to the Future announcement some people had forgotten that the company was also working on a Jurassic Park game.  Announced last year before E3 kicked off, Telltale Games and Universal Pictures didn’t say much of the new Jurassic Park game other than one was in the works. But now with Telltale working on the BTTF games, which should be over by May or June at the latest, some details have finally crept in on the Jurassic Park game that’s currently in development.

Nerdgasm alert: new Jurassic Park game coming soon

There’s sadly been a lack of dinosaur video games for the past few years but that’s going to change in a big way.  According to the latest issue of Game Informer, developer Telltale Games is working on an episodic Jurassic Park game. I think that news is worthy of a gorilla and shark exploding high-five.

More Jurassic Park movies are coming our way

After the death of author Michael Crichton last year it looked like the famous Jurassic Park franchise, in particular the film series, had been put to pasture.  While Crichton wasn’t that deeply involved in the Jurassic Park films, the last of which wasn’t even based on a novel of his, producer Kathleen Kennedy said that after Michael passed away it just wouldn’t be right doing another one without him.  Well I guess that sentiment must’ve passed or Universal wants another money maker since the Jurassic Park series looks to be returning.

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