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Joey Ansah

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Announces Cast Members

The Street Fighter franchise is finally poised to make a comeback in the world of cinema after a long and rather depressing history.  As you may recall, last Summer we received the rather exciting news that Capcom had given the team behind the short film Street Fighter: Legacy the ok to move forward with a full-on series.  Dubbed Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, the series is still moving forward but now it needs a little help from the gaming community via Kickstar

Street Fighter Returns To The World Of Cinema WIth Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

The video game industry could be facing a turning point in a sense as something that has been long associated with utter disappointment could soon give us a level of depth never before seen in a video game. No, I’m not talking about some new tech fad or how we actually play our games, but how we see our favorite video games adapted into the much sought after realm of live-action.  Movies or TV shows based on video games have had a checkered history with some being great (Mortal Kombat), some being ok (Silent Hill), and some being complete abominations (Doom).  

Street Fighter Legacy Movie in the Works From an Unlikely Source

Actor, stuntman and martial artist Joey Ansah wants to do the impossible, he wants to prove that a faithful Street Fighter movie can be made and be good at the same time.

After the box office devastation cause by the previously released Street Fighter (1994) and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chin-Li (2009), Joey Ansah and Streetlight Films looks to redeem the Street Fighter's cinema honor with a new live action short that will be called "Street Fighter Legacy".

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