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Jet Set Radio

Sega Suite [GDC 2012]

GDC is officially underway, and while Ian and I have already had opportunity to check out several interesting thing, as the site’s resident fanboy for Sega, I’ve decided to talk first about their suite that was set up off-site at this year’s GDC. Sega came out with a whole host of new titles to try out during their showcase at GDC this year, and below I’m going to dive in and talk about some impressions of the games I had an opportunity to check out, starting with the follow-up I’ve been waiting quite some time with: Sonic 4 : Episode II.

TL;DR - Feb 23 - Jet Set, Blizzard F2P, Warfighter

Today in TL;DR I take a quickly glimpse at a couple of major announcements, leaks, and even a rumor. First of all, Medal of Honor is getting another go-round with the sequel to 2010 franchise reboot. Secondly, it looks like Sega is going to be bringing back the best rollerblading/graffiti franchise of all time via XBLA and PSN. Then finally, a brief stop-over at the rumor mill for talks about Blizzard potentially working on a new F2P title.


Dreamcast Revival on Xbox Live Arcade?

According to leaked images from the all knowing world wide web, four classic Dreamcast console games will be porting their way unto Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade.

Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure and Shenmue are the 4 rumored titles that will eventually be released on Xbox Live Arcade in the near future or perhaps the far, far away future.

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