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Final Fantasy Dimensions - Prologue and Chapter 1 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Mixed. If released twenty years ago, FFD might have occupied the same hallowed headspace as the Squaresoft masterpieces of the mid 90s—all the ingredients look to be here in more-or-less the right quantities, and no one would balk at the $29 price for a full console RPG. Today, though, you have a decent iOS RPG with above-average graphics, sound, combat, and character customization, but the cookie-cutter character archetypes and job system—beloved and well-designed as they are—do not justify the headline-making price tag.

The Pros: 

+ Everything you love about Square's "golden years" are here—super-deformed characters, emotional twists, moogles, airships, tough bosses, crystals, menu-based combat, equipment, accessories, summons, etc.

+ Pretty sprite-based character visuals and animations, great spell effects

+ Good touch controls with a short learning curve

+ We've seen it before, but the job system is pretty great

The Cons: 

- Everything you hate about Square's "golden years" are here—goofy translations, the same old moody characters, random battles, an evil empire, epic but often nonsensical plot, etc.

- Poor pacing with little character development

- A possible lack of value for the price when compared to other good iOS titles Rating : 

You could argue that Square Enix is trying something courageous with Final Fantasy Dimensions (FFD). You could argue that, alongside the veritable firehose of tens of thousands of freemium iOS games, they have brought a complete, high-quality RPG to the platform and that they are paving the way for other triple-A titles to charge the appropriate amount for the experience. You could argue their goal was to take a strong step towards your i-device becoming the gaming system you reach for even when you're at home and capable of playing on a console.

I don't think that was their goal.

Republique Is Coming To The PC and Mac

When it was announced there was a lot of excitement and general interest in Republique but the one problem some folks had was its choice of platform.  Being announced solely for iOS platforms was both a good and bad thing for Republique as it promised iOS gamers with a highly original and non-casual centric experience but at the same time it was bad news for everyone who doesn’t own an iOS device.  

Republique Kickstarter Campaign Begins + Debut Trailer

Times are changing with each passing month and now we’re now at the point in which iOS games are reaching a level previously unseen. The argument can be made that iOS gaming has already caught up with consoles in the sense that games such as FIFA, Need for Speed, and Infinity Blade are available on mobile platforms and look stellar, but we haven’t yet received an iOS game that truly take things to a level we haven’t seen before to offer an experience built around storytelling rather than aimless touchscreen controls.

Eat Sleep Play (Twisted Metal) Shifts Development Focus and David Jaffe Departs Company [Updated]

Next week could prove to be a bittersweet occasion for PlayStation gamers as it could be the final time we receive a Twisted Metal game from David Jaffe.  The latest iteration of Twisted Metal may not have hit retail yet, hence it hasn’t gone on to become a hit or failure, but developer Eat Sleep Play has reportedly let several employees go and studio co-founder David Jaffe has left the company.  In the realm of unexpected news I think this Eat Sleep Play development ranks up next to Team Bondi closing in the “How the hell is this happening?” department.

Grab Your Towel As A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy App Is Coming Soon

Since I’m a fan of sci-fi stuff, and I do like to read, I hold the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series in high regard as it’s a damn fine piece of writing.  While not as overly influential as other pieces of sci-fi culture may have been, the Hitchhiker’s series is without a doubt something that everyone should experience – whether it’s through the novels, the radio dramas or the mini-series and film that were made.  In late May it was announced that people would now be ab

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