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Mad Catz Company Spotlight and Interview [CES 2012]

A lot of people that read the site might not remember, but one of Shogun Gamer’s land-mark moments occurred about three years ago when we attended our very first CES as official members of the press. It was a fantastic experience that opened our eyes to the world beyond writing our thoughts of the industry as dedicated gamers and enthusiasts. During our time there we got to check out tons of new hot tech, including a mind-numbing amount of headsets (thanks again Corey), and made a lot of great connections with those in the industry.

Interview with Dj Kuulu from Tokyo - The Swag Man

He has been lurking on the boards for a few months. Giving away an assortment of electronic goods such as PSP's, Wii's, iPod's and other swag from Japan. Up to now not a whole lot of people have caught on in fear of it being some type of scam or false advert. Shogungamer gets to the botton of these giveaways and looks at who, why, and how Kuulu is able to giveth the swag.

We interview EA Tiburon about their innovative game Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online powered by Unity 3D

Back in early August we were invited to attend a Unity 3D party and info session which left us intrigued with this new technology. By the end of the two days we had one major question on our minds: Is Unity 3D the future development platform for Mobile, Browser, PSN, Wii and XBLA?

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