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Intel Booth and i7 Second Generation Chip [CES 2012]

The last time I would have called myself a “PC Gamer” was probably in the mid-to-late nineties. I remember that, at the time, AMD and ATI were the kings of the gaming world, and my rig represented that fact. I started as a Mac user (my parents first computer was an Apple II), but then eventually made the household swap to PC, for my gaming needs. The first computer I ever build revolved around an AMD processor, and I never looked back.

Intel officially cancels Project Offset

Today is going to be a sad day for those who were looking forward to Project Offset as the game has officially been cancelled.  Announced in 2005 initially as an indie effort, Project Offset got a fair amount of interest due to some amazing visuals and its unique premise which promised players intense fps action set in a fantasy world.

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