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The FPS Action Of Nexuiz Returns In This Thrilling Trailer

I may be one of a small minority that cares about this video game, but finally a new trailer and vague but reassuring release date has been doled out for Nexuiz. The arena-based FPS developed by indie studio IllFonic, Nexuiz is as old-school as a FPS game could get these days but it still looks to have a tremendous amount of style as well as some nice buttery beats thanks to the connections of IllFonic Co-Founder and R&B legend Raphael Saadiq.

The Sci-Fi FPS Action Of Nexuiz May Finally Be Ready For Release

At long last the FPS genre may receive a bit of old-school gameplay injected with new-school style as Nexuiz has been rated by the Australian certification board.  As most gamers will know, when a game is finally given certification either by PEGI, the ESRB, or the Australian government it usually means release is imminent within the next few months.

A Small But Promising Update On The Indie FPS Game Nexuiz

The FPS genre may be on the verge of officially jumping the shark, but there is one title coming out soon (hopefully) that may be worth out time: Nexuiz.  The first major release from the indie studio IllFonic (which is co-owned by R&B maestro Raphael Saadiq), Nexuiz is indeed a FPS but it appears to be wholly old-school and devoid of any bald space marines, thus it may be worth checking out.

New Nexuiz trailer is filled with classic fps action

In this day and age we’re never short of fps games. Hell, it seems like we get three new fps games a month during the peak release schedules and usually those games aren’t of the best quality or are simply derivative.  Lately, we’ve been getting more and more fps games released exclusively on the PSN or XBLA, again with the quality varying from meh to downright terrible. But one title that I’m quite excited for is Nexuiz from indie developer IllFonic.

IllFonic picks up CryENGINE 3 for Nexuiz

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about the upcoming PSN/XBLA fps game Nexuiz.  The second game from indie developer IllFonic, Nexuiz is a re-imaging of the cult PC game of the same name. But aside from a showing at GDC back in March, Nexuiz has been a bit under the radar as of late. But now the Nexuiz hype train is beginning to roll as IllFonic has announced that the game will be utilizing Crytek’s CryENGINE 3 to power the arena-based fps action.

New screens of IllFonic's fps game Nexuiz

When they’re not getting arrested by accident the good folks over at IllFonic are hard at work on Nexuiz, a new fps game.  Based on the PC open-source game originally developed by AlienTrap, Nexuiz aims to bring a simple yet action packed fps experience to console gamers. The game itself almost harkens back to the good old days of Quake as it’s essentially a no-frills arena fps game.

QuarterSave: Network Crashes, Firings, Handcuffs and Guns EP26

Welcome to the QuarterSave Podcast for Monday March the 8th! This week’s podcast sees the return of the new hosting duo of Casey and Corey who sit down to discuss a little of the drama that has been going on throughout the whole of the last week. Included within this week’s podcast is some talk of Halo Reach, a rage-induced tirade from Corey about the PS3 shutdown, talk of the shake-up over at Infinity War, and recap of the events from Friday regarding the Illfonic Team being taking out of their building in cuffs at gun-point!

IllFonic developers handcuffed due to police error

Last night something extremely interesting happened to indie developer IllFonic that almost seemed like it was ripped out of a videogame. It’s not that often a game developer can say that they had two police officers point loaded guns at them, but now three members of IllFonic can due to a mix-up at the hands of the Denver Police Department.

Illfonic reboots Open Source FPS Nexuiz

Since our interview with Illfonic last year we've been keeping an eye on this development team. Illfonic graced us late Monday with with an email about their latest project Nexuiz. Working with Alientrap, Illfonic will be bringing the fun, fast paced first person shooter to XBox, PS3, and the Wii.

Illfonic opens their doors to indie developers

Indie publisher/developer Illfonic announced today their mission to breathe some fresh air in the game industry by opening their publishing division to help small indie projects get released.  Illfonic hopes to bring a fresh creative spin on things through games that aren’t only fun and help define a genre but also bring underground culture (think buttery beats and cool art) to the world of gaming.

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