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Why You Should Care: RAGE


Remember how I said that I’d try and feature some indie titles, maybe some older games, and potentially some newer games, from time to time, in this new series called “Why You Should Care”? Well… here’s the thing, I do fully intend on that being the case, but I’m going to have to jump out the gate here by playing a little catch-up on some titles that I have a personal interest in that are still on the horizon. Chapter 2 of the continuing saga: RAGE

The Portal Hopping Saviour Action Continues In Prey 2 [Update]

It seems like now is the time to bring back old fps franchises that were nearly long forgotten, specifically those from 3D Realms.  With the impending release of Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms’ other major fps attempt Prey will be receiving a sequel next year. Now under the Bethesda/ZeniMax banner (Take-Two dropped the game) Prey 2 won’t exactly be the same game that we experienced on the Xbox 360 and PC back in the day.

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