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Prey 2 Is Alive For Now

There’s some good news and bad news concerning the current saga revolving around Prey 2.  As you may recall rumors surfaced last month which pointed to Prey 2 being cancelled by publisher Bethesda Zenimax – a situation that seemed totally random.  Further details on the cancellation report were non-existent and were simply ignited by the lack of a response from Bethesda and lingering rumors of budget concerns being the root of the supposed concerns/issues with Prey 2.

Human Head (Prey 2 devs) Looking To Begin New Project

For the past few weeks there has been a lot of drama and general worry about Prey 2, the sandbox FPS game from Human Head and Bethesda Zenimax.  Originally garnering heaps of praise when it was unveiled early last year, things for Prey 2 went south once a rumor circulated which pointed to the game being cancelled.

TL;DR - Mar 23 - Mohawks, Prey 2, Adventure Time!


Happy Friday fellow Shogunites! The week, as long as it may have felt, has finally concluded its grind. Its time to kick back, relax, and dig into whatever game you’re currently working your way through… unless you’re the going out on Friday night kind, in which case: Happy Saturday! Today’s TL;DR offers up some exciting news for the DS in the form of an Adventure Time game. Ubisoft is making plans to shave heads and tattoo attendees at PAX East (exciting!), and some GDC cancellations have the internet talking games that might be canned.

Prey 2 - Preview [E3 2011]

Scheduling my appointments for E3 is always a bit troublesome in a way since I need to decide which games I really want to see in action and which ones I’m fine with just playing on the showfloor.

Prey 2 Looks Rather Dark And Alien In These New Screens

Today brings us more screens of Prey 2 for gamers to either get hyped about or become massively disappointed over.  So far Bethesda and developer Human Head Studios have kept everything close to their chests in regard to the new vision and direction the Prey franchise is taking.  We have received boat load of details on the game (open-world environment, emphasis on platforming, customizable weapons/abilities) but the vision and overall style of Prey 2 has only been shown in some simple screen

Prey 2 Concept Art Shows Us A Massive Alien World

I don’t know if the entire racket over Prey 2 has died down yet or if the core community of the series is so small that the tears shed by fans essentially represents %5 of the audience Bethesda is targeting. Prey 2 may have undergone a slew of changes (new protagonist, new setting, more of a dudebro vibe) but developer Human Head Studios has promised gamers a FPS that evokes shades of Blade Runner all while injecting some visceral action into a genre that is all but on the verge of being dried out.

Prey 2 Game Details Come In, Sounds Like A Possibly Cool Mash-Up Game

The almost constant and somewhat flip-flop love affair with Prey 2 continues as the latest details on the long awaited sequel will either leave gamers excited as hell or wondering what the hell is happening with the franchise.  As Kotaku revealed late last week, Prey 2 will see the franchise shift focus in just about every major way to give gamers a sequel with a new protagonist, an entirely new setting and several new gameplay mechanics – most of which aren’t si

Prey 2 Details Sound Intriguing, Not A Complete Dudebro Adaptation + A Teaser Trailer

Yesterday it seemed like the dudebro era element in gaming had officially reached every possible facet as the sequel to Prey seemingly appeared to be going in an unlikely direction.  Despite only seeing a mere cover for a magazine, seeing the supposed hero of Prey 2 left a somewhat bad taste in mouths of those looking forward to the game.

First Teaser Image of Prey 2 Is Revealed, Is Totally In Dudebro Mode

Ok so earlier today we received the rather surprising and well received news that a sequel to Prey was in the works.  Prey may not be on top of everyone’s must-have sequel list, but the first game has a loyal following (which includes myself) that was happy to see that a sequel to the 2006 game was still in the works.

The Portal Hopping Saviour Action Continues In Prey 2 [Update]

It seems like now is the time to bring back old fps franchises that were nearly long forgotten, specifically those from 3D Realms.  With the impending release of Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms’ other major fps attempt Prey will be receiving a sequel next year. Now under the Bethesda/ZeniMax banner (Take-Two dropped the game) Prey 2 won’t exactly be the same game that we experienced on the Xbox 360 and PC back in the day.

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