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House Party

I Am Alive Hands-on [CES 2012]

The second stop on my through of the XBLA House Party circuit was a look at I Am Alive. Having seen nothing of the game, apart from a cinematic trailer, all I knew going into the game was that the setting was of a post-apocalyptic world in which you were one of the last remaining humans and the key to the game was survival.

Speaking Ubisoft PR rep Alex Monney, the concept of the game was expanded upon, drastically, before I had a chance to jump in and try out the first 20 minutes of the game.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare Hands-on [CES 2012]

While the Microsoft Keynote’s bad taste still hasn’t left my mouth, I did make sure to take time out during CES to head on over to their space on the floor. The primary focus of this year’s booth was to show off the concepts of Windows 8 and how it will integrate throughout all of Microsoft’s products (not unlike the aforementioned keynote).

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