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Navigate Home More Easily Starting Tomorrow with 1.35

Still playing Home? No? Well neither is anyone else really. That’s why Sony has decided to upgrade the navigation. 1.35 is taking a tip from the cross media bar to help simplify navigation. That means it’s going to be a whole lot easier for you to get to a line up for bowling tomorrow.

Can you solve the murder and win a free Heavy Rain t-shirt?

Based on the site’s most recent poll I feel it’s safe to assume that everyone out there is ready and waiting on Heavy Rain for PS3. So, with that in mind today I bring you an awesome opportunity to get yourself some sweet, sweet Heavy Rain swag! 

That’s right, there’s a contest that will be running on the video game’s website starting January 26th that will allow you the opportunity to participate in the solving of a murder. It’s called the “Four Day Challenge” and will take place over the course of three weeks. 

These Final Fantasy XIII items may make PlayStation Home relevant for some

It doesn’t seem like it but this week after waiting for four years and after the infamous betrayalaton at E3 2008, Final Fantasy XIII is finally out in Japan.  While only those who understand Japanese will be able to enjoy the game North American and European gamers can get even more envious than they are right now after they check out these FFXIII items for PlayStation Home.

PlayStation Home continues its quest to become liked by gamers

I’m probably the only one who feels like this but PlayStation Home is starting to win me over.  While I was always a supporter of the core concept of Home I was one of the many folks who was disappointed with the launch of the service and how broken it was at times due to lack of content and how rough things were.

The Dark Knight arrives in Home [Updated]

The general hate and disinterest for PlayStation Home is still deeply rooted amongst some despite the additions and tech fixes the services has received.  But amongst all the haters PlayStation Home has slowly been growing and actually becoming useful and the upcoming additions to the service may turn some folks around.

Helghan comes to Home

So far PlayStation Home has been quite an oddity. It definitely hasn’t been a failure as over 6 million users have logged in and millions of dollars has been generated through DLC but when it comes to giving users something to do with Home that’s where the problems arises.  Walking around to check out the latest 2 minute trailer in the theater, see some people do the robot or harass a female avatar and standing in line to play an arcade game or play pool gets quite tiresome.

Direct your own Machinima in Home

Lets all be honest: since launching as an open beta in December PlayStation Home hasn’t been all that hot. It has the potential to be a good marketing and social networking tool but with a ton of missed opportunities and missing features that should’ve been included by now there are quite a few users that are completely done with Home.

Home gets user-created t-shirts

The evolution of Sony’s Home continues with the latest feature being a collaboration with t-shirt company MySoti, which is a t-shirt print on-demand company which prints t-shirt designs submitted by users. Sony and MySoti are working together to bring existing MySoti t-shirt prints to Home so your avatar can wear a snazzy original t-shirt instead of being one of the countless flock wearing a Resident Evil: Degeneration Leon shirt.

Guitar Hero Rocks Out in Home

While the gaming community is still unsure what to think about PlayStation Home, Sony and 3rd party developers are continuing to add new spaces and features in the hopes of giving users a reason to visit Home aside from doing the robot whilst listening to 50 Cent.

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