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Hitman Film Sequel Gets The Reboot Treatment

Hollywood studio FOX is rebooting Square Enix’s Hitman franchise for yet another theatrical outing. After debuting in 2007 with a lukewarm critical reaction, the first Hitman movie managed to make a modest profit, mostly courtesy of European terrorities thus a sequel is in the works. 

Concept Art Surfaces For Hitman 6

If you’ve already cleared every mission in Hitman: Absolution on the highest difficulty setting without the aid of that silly Predator vision non-sense, then you’re in luck as Square Enix understands the potential and wide reach of the series.  Even though IO Interactive may have just wrapped up work on the fifth entry in the Hitman series, which has received a solid reception thus far, Square Enix Montreal has been tasked to handle the sixth entry in the Hitman franchise, presumably for a possible late 2013 release.

Hitman: Absolution Trailer Shows More Action, A Bit of Stealth, And A Perfect Disguise

The last time we saw Agent 47 make an appearance via Hitman: Absolution the reaction amongst gamers ranged from “hell yeah this looks awesome!”, “it looks ok but I’m not sold”, and “why is Hitman now a dudebro action game?”; basically things were extremely polarizing.

Square Enix Expands Montreal Team + Opens New Studio (Interesting Hitman News Inside)

Things are going good for Square Enix ever since the company bought the remnants of Eidos back in 2009.  Unlike most mergers or major acquisitions, Square Enix didn’t cannibalize what was left of Eidos but instead decided to nurture the company and make it an integral part of the Western centric goals that Square Enix has.  With the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution being a success for both Square Enix and the team at Eidos Montreal, Square Enix has revealed their plans to strengthen the development team in Montreal as well as what the future holds for the team.

Hitman: Absolution Gets Some Key Hollywood Talent

Two days ago we received the official confirmation of Hitman: Absolution, the latest tale of Agent 47 who once again finds himself killing people and running from mysterious and highly deadly people.  Square Enix and developer IO Interactive didn’t reveal too much about the plot of the game outside of saying that Agent 47 would be out on the run once more, not only from the law but from people who are none too pleased with him sticking his noise in their business.

Hitman Could Be Making His Long Awaited Return This Year [Rumor]

Last year E3 was a disappointment of sorts as yet again it didn’t yield any sort of reveals concerning the future of the Hitman franchise.  But at least we didn’t have to patiently twiddle our thumbs whilst E3 was happening waiting for a Hitman press release to drop since developer IO Interactive confirmed that the our favorite bald hitman would be M.I.A. before the event started.

Wait, The Hitman Movie Sequel Is Still Going Forward?

I wasn’t even aware that the next film based on the popular video game series Hitman was moving forward, but apparently it is.  After we received an ok adaptation of everyone’s favorite bald assassin, Twentieth Century Fox has seemingly given the go ahead on a second film despite the low box office take of the first attempt at bringing Agent 47 to life.  We have received word in the past that a second Hitman movie was in the works, though now it seems that things are advancing ever so steadily as the latest script has been turned in, which thankfully for us has possibly revealed t

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