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Ermac's New Fatality Leaves the Internet Gutted

Mortal Kombat's history is one built on controversy. At the very dawn of violent video games, it was hassled by all kinds of concerned parties for its use of blood, violence, and inclusion of features like the Fatalities. Of course, we've come a long way since then. Games these days are far, far worse than what we were so concerned about back then... so Mortal Kombat itself needs to keep upping the ante.

Tournament of Legends Hands-On [E3 2010]

Fighting game+Greek mythology+Wii may equal something that most gamers would want to pass up.  After all the Wii isn’t exactly the place to go when one desires fighting games nor is it necessarily known for being the home of epic games featuring Greek mythology.  Well if you are a Wii owner who loves fighting games and anything that a gorgon or Minotaur in it then you may want to take a look at Tournament of Legends.

New Tournament of Legends trailer features Minotaurs and magic

Earlier this year Sega unveiled the revamped version of Tournament of Legends, a Greek mythology based fighting game.  With things like Centaurs, magic attacks, massive weapons and a colorful art style the game seems to have a lot going for it.

Now Sega has released a new trailer for the game focusing on two of the game’s combatants.  Watching the trailer you’ll learn some info on Marcus Antonius and BraveHoof (he’s a Minotaur, hence the name).

Did you like The Conduit? Well it's getting bigger and crazier sequel.

The recent issue of Nintendo Power magazine has the world exclusive first look at The Conduit 2.  I guess this is surprising news since first Conduit didn’t exactly set the gaming world afire with amazing sales and reviews.

In case you didn’t play the first Conduit (I’m one of those people), the game is a sci-fi fps game that surprisingly isn’t on-rails.  Released to a decent amount of hype last June, The Conduit featured some neat ideals that were wrapped in a package which was generally summed up as being a bit generic.

The Grinder gets a change in genre for its PS3/360 debut

With the PS3 now supporting motion control with the PlayStation Move and essentially becoming as some like to call it “Wii HD”, we shouldn’t be too surprised if certain Wii games are ported up to the PS3.  In fact even it was a mere month ago when developer High Voltage Software announced they would be taking their supernatural themed fps game The Grinder to the PS3/360. 

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