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Konami Packs In Metal Gear Demo With Zone of the Enders Once Again

Konami is keeping the tradition alive pertaining to the Zone of the Ender and Metal Gear franchises. As veteran gamers know, when the first Zone of the Enders game was released on the PS2 back in 2001 it included the first and only public demo of MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Back in the day before demos were made available on a near weekly basis thanks to digital distribution, receiving a demo packed in with a game was a big deal, thus ZoE was bought by gamers merely to get a taste of MGS2.

Sega announces the Greek mythology combat game Tournament of Legends

Besides God of War there really aren’t any games out there for gamers to get their Greek mythology fix. Yes, there’s always the Clash of the Titans game waiting in the wings but until some footage is released I have a feeling some people may not be expecting much from the project given its based on a movie.  Thankfully Sega is giving gamers (at least gamers who own a Wii) some more Greek mythology action with the announcement of Tournament of Legends.

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