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Heavy Rain

QuarterSave: Choose Your Own Adventure Gaming EP25

Welcome one and all to the return of QuarterSave! Now that the Olympics have finished up, it’s back to business as usual (or close to it anyways). The podcast has undergone a bit of a shift and features the hosting talents of one Mr Corey Rollins of ShogunGamer fame, affectionately referred to as BP*. The format has shifted a little bit as well as you’ll notice by the show notes provided for you below. What we’re aiming to do is get a bit of a discussion going on some hot topics that we notice from week to week in the gaming culture.

Heavy Rain ARG Narrows to Two Remaining Suspects

Just a reminder to all of you who were thinking about, or have started on, the Four Day challenge: It’s coming to a close. Many people out there have already participated in the first leg of the challenge and got themselves an early release of the game’s demo.  Now you have the opportunity to push forwards and actually nab the killer that’s been on the lam for the last few days, and net yourself some praise from your friends and co-workers. I’m sure there will be some snazzy prizes handed out as well.


An update on the Heavy Rain demo and planned DLC

Two weeks ago it was confirmed that both North America and Europe would be receiving a demo of the eagerly anticipated noir drama game Heavy Rain.

Can you solve the murder and win a free Heavy Rain t-shirt?

Based on the site’s most recent poll I feel it’s safe to assume that everyone out there is ready and waiting on Heavy Rain for PS3. So, with that in mind today I bring you an awesome opportunity to get yourself some sweet, sweet Heavy Rain swag! 

That’s right, there’s a contest that will be running on the video game’s website starting January 26th that will allow you the opportunity to participate in the solving of a murder. It’s called the “Four Day Challenge” and will take place over the course of three weeks. 

Heavy Rain gets new North American box art

Heavy Rain will finally be in our hands in almost a month but those gamers who prefer exceptional box art (i.e. the snobby bunch) may be bit disappointed with Heavy Rain’s North American offering.  Previously we thought the North American box art had been revealed but the listing for the game on paints a different picture. 

Heavy Rain demo confirmed

If anyone is on the fence about Heavy Rain, both from a gameplay and story perspective, then they can get a small taste of the game as Sony has announced a demo will be released prior to the game's release. Both reps from SCEA and SCEE have confirmed the demo for their respective territories and have said details on the exact contents of the demo will be announced shortly.

[Update] Qore announces when we'll get Heavy Rain

The latest episode of Qore has announced, perhaps accidentally, that the drama laden possible tour de force that is Heavy Rain will be released in North America on February 16. Yup, we’re just a month away from being able to go on a journey to find a mysterious killer and being faced with tough and intense scenarios such as chopping your own hand/finger off so your son’s life can be spared.

Heavy Rain shows some more heavy dramatic moments in this new Japanese trailer

After patiently waiting we’re a mere month away from the release of Heavy Rain, a game that aside from having striking visuals looks to give players a true cinematic experience. Today a new trailer for the game has been released via SCEJ which shows off a few snippets of footage we haven’t seen before with new locales and characters including a creepy looking clown.  The trailer is a bit spoilery at times but considering the voice acting is in Japanese at least you’re not being spoiled in that regard as well.

[Updated] This is what the Heavy Rain boxart looks like

With Heavy Rain set for an early 2010 release, well at least in Japan, the PR gears are starting to move again which is why we have the final boxart for the EU release of the game.

The boxart is pretty much what the teaser poster for the game looked like two years ago with some newly added rain effects thrown in.  After all, the game is called Heavy Rain and rain is present throughout so why not hammer it home by having some rain on the cover as well.

Fist of the North Star and MGS: Peace Walker join the crowded early 2010 release window

At this point I’m starting to wonder if Q1 is the new holiday season when it comes to game releases. While we did have a nice amount of games drop so far such as Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2 it seems that the majority of the big games many are looking forward to are coming out between January and March.  What once was typically a quiet release window is now jam packed with debuts of new franchises such as Bayonetta and Darksiders and existing heavy hitting franchises like God of War 3 and Final Fantasy XIII.

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