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Heavy Rain

Kara Offers A Glimpse At The Future Of Performance Capture From Quantic Dream

Day three of GDC was a special day as it brought us the extremely exciting reveal of Kara, the latest tech demo/glimpse of what Quantic Dream has been up to since the release of Heavy Rain.  Taking to the stage in a panel revolving around emotion in games and digital actors, Quantic Dream Founder/CEO David Cage revealed Kara – a tech demo showcasing the new technology the studio has devised which is focused on capture the true essence of an actor’s performance.

Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) To Discuss New Tech And Show Demo At GDC 2012

A rare moment of utter excitement has washed over me as Quantic Dream founder/co-CEO David Cage will be making a presentation at GDC 2012 showcasing the new technology powering the next project the studio is producing.  Best known for making the cinematic experiences that were Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream reportedly has two projects in the works, both of which are PlayStation exclusives due to the commercial and critical success Heavy Rain achieved in 2010.

Another Small Update On The Next Game From Quantic Dream

After giving us Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream gained a few new fans that along with the existing fanbase were greatly anticipating the next project the company would eventually release.  As always Quantic Dream and its founder/CEO David Cage remained tight-lipped on things but earlier this year we did receive a small update of sorts after two trademarks were registered (Infraworld and Fiv5).  At first there was a bit of skepticism as to whether these trademarks were in fact legi

Remedy Is Touting It's New Facial Animation Tech As The Soon To Be Champ

This generation has been an extremely interesting one when it comes to developers improving the graphics and overall visual fidelity of their games.  Besides pushing out more polygons for character models, developers have been improving the core tech of what helps create the games like creating new motion capture  and animation techniques.  Back in the day motion capture was a fairly basic process that involved placing a few motion trackers on a performer and then using that movement to drive the game character.  But these days we have motion capture that records the mov

Some Potential Names Pop Up For Quantic Dream's Next Project

Last year we were given Heavy Rain, a game that for almost two years prior had a pretty heavy amount of hype going for it.  Heavy Rain was far from being a perfect game as it had a few issues (no, I’m not directly referring to the now meme worthy Jason! moment), but as a whole the game did deliver the goods, whether it was on a technical level or through providing a narrative that despite a few kinks was still captivating and wasn’t the overly simplified rubbish we’re used to seeing in games.

An Acclaimed Writer Is Chosen To Pen The Heavy Rain Film

About a year or so ago we got a small update concerning Heavy Rain that involved New Line Cinema picking up the option to create a live action feature film based on the hit PS3 game.  This news of course drew the immediate ire of the video game community since movies based on video games tend to usually be garbage.  The plot of Heavy Rain would make a perfect film and the game itself is easily one of the most cinematic if not THE most cinematic based game to be released this generation.

2010 Spoiled in 200 words (or less)

There I sat, pondering my gaming experience of 2010. Did I want to follow suit and make a "best of" list? Did I want to just choose my favorite game and go off about how if you don't like it then I don't like you? All of a sudden, a green Grinch shaped light bulb flickered above my head. I decided to go the "screw you" route and spoil every single game that I thought were hits in 2010. If you haven’t played one or all of the hits of 2010 then I would look away (or keep reading).

Heavy Rain developer working on two new games

After the success and critical acclaim of Heavy Rain many are wondering what developer Quantic Dream is doing next.  Previously studio founder and honcho David Cage revealed that the studio was indeed working on their next game but of course he stayed mum on the details. Then some casting info was leaked which revealed that Quantic Dream’s next game could be a sci-fi based love story but that was shortly shot down as false by Cage. While we may not get a sci-fi love story, Cage has revealed that the studio is working on two new games.

PlayStation Network Store Update: 6/8/10 (North America)

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of June 8 2010:

[Review] Heavy Rain

Overall Feeling: 

Whilst it's mechanics may not be to everyone's liking, the emotional connection that Heavy Rain forges between the player and the characters is unlike anything seen in the industry to date. An incredible plot with various different branches, all of which are entirely at the player's control, coupled with a phenomenal score and voice work makes this a truly unique experience.

The Pros: 

A tense and engaging narrative. Player choices have a genuine impact on the outcome of the plot. Intuitive controls give the sensation of performing the on-screen action. A powerful score that invokes your emotions. Believable characters brought to life through fantastic voice work.

The Cons: 

Movement can feel a little clunky and unresponsive. Rating : 

“Interactive drama”. That's the term David Cage, Heavy Rain's director uses to describe the experience on offer. It's not so much a game in the conventional sense of the word, but rather a story in which you control the lead characters' every action and decision. It's this  combined sense of freedom and control, couple with a terrific plot, that makes Heavy Rain so emotionally charged. Through an intuitive control scheme, you're drawn closer to it's characters than any traditional game could manage. It's precisely for this reason that you simply have to experience this game.

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