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Clayfighter HD Coming in 2016

Serendipity is a curious thing. Just last week while working my way through Kirby's newest adventure, The Rainbow Curse, I mentioned on Twitter that it gave me a hankering for some new Clayfighter action. Today we get the announcement of an HD remake of Clayfighter coming in 2016.

The details are expected sparse at this point, but things we do know about the game is that it will be a full reworking of both the graphics and the audio.

Capcom Announces Okami HD For The PS3

Capcom has done us a solid by giving us a HD re-release of a game many of us adore. Today it was announced that come this Fall Okami will appear on the PlayStation 3 in a HD remix which will see the game update with improved visuals, PlayStation Move support, and Trophies. Yay for being able to do celestial brush attacks with the PS Move!

Is a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection inbound? [RUMOR]

It just wouldn’t be a normal week in the video game industry if a rumor didn’t pop up that made all of us put on our speculation and bullshit meter hats in an attempt to see if the news was legit.  This week’s juicy rumor revolves around the much wanted release of a Metal Gear Solid HD remix trilogy for the PS3.  Since the cool thing to do these days amongst publishers is to release HD remix collections of classic PS2 games, Konami may finally jumping on with a rumored MGS trilogy exclusively for the PS3.

Ubisoft announces Beyond Good & Evil HD

We may still be diligently waiting for Beyond Good & Evil 2, but at least Ubisoft is letting PS3 and Xbox 360 users have a go with BG&E1. Yes, Ubisoft have announced that they’re bringing an HD version of Beyond Good & Evil to the PS3 and Xbox 360 next year.  The game will offer gamers the same thrilling experience that received nothing but praise from gamers and critics when it was released for the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox back in 2003.

Breathtaking new screens for Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD and The Last Guardian

As hokey as this will sound, I think we’re all blessed as gamers to be getting Ico in HD, Shadow of the Colossus in HD and more importantly The Last Guardian. All three of those games have some of the most breathtaking visuals to ever appear in the history of video games and Ico & Shadow of the Colossus have really strong narrative elements which really add that extra dimension to things.

[MAJOR RUMOR] Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD remix is becoming a reality

Last year PS3 gamers got an incredible package in the form of the God of War Collection which featured the first two GOW games in glorious HD.  The release of the God of War Collection was definitely something PS3 gamers had wished for, especially in the wake of the PS3 losing backwards compatibility. But besides God of War there was one other collection gamers wanted – a Team Ico collection featuring Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

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