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Rock Band 3 Footage and Keyboard Revealed

Well it looks like we’re getting another early reveal pre-E3 thanks to the folks over at USA Today. In an article posted earlier this evening the first footage of Rock Band 3 was shown. Along with detailing the new “Pro mode” that will help people segue from plastic to real instruments, the video confirmed that the teaser logo from Rock Band: Green Day is indeed for a keyboard.

Rock Band 3 Piano Revealed Through Green Day Demo

Personally my interest in Green Day died out in the 90s, but if you’re a fan of the band and can’t wait to go hands on with the latest one-off from Harmonix then you’re in luck. Early this morning a demo for the upcoming Rock Band: Green Day was posted on Xbox Live. The demo includes two playable songs, “Welcome to Paradise” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I didn’t care about this demo… that is until I found out that when you quit out of it you get something extra.

Harmonix Announces Rock Band 3... On Facebook

Instead of going the traditional route and providing any kind of a press release or formal announcement, Harmonix decided today to let fans of their Facebook page get the first news of the upcoming Rock Band 3 title. That’s right, it’s now confirmed that there will be a third instalment to the series and it will be coming out this holiday season. Not only that, but it sounds like the plan is to up the ante once again.

Warner Bros. Interactive announces Lego Rock Band

For awhile it seemed like Electronic Arts, MTV Games and Harmonix would be treating the Rock Band license with some class and dignity and not run it into the ground like Activision has with the Guitar Hero franchise.  Well it seems like today is when Rock Band is one step closer to going the way of Guitar Hero with the announcement of Lego Rock Band.

The press release from Warner Bros. Interactive describes the game as:

“will allow families, tweens and teens to experience a wild journey to rock stardom where they can "Build a Band and Rock the Universe"

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