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Halo: Reach

2010 Spoiled in 200 words (or less)

There I sat, pondering my gaming experience of 2010. Did I want to follow suit and make a "best of" list? Did I want to just choose my favorite game and go off about how if you don't like it then I don't like you? All of a sudden, a green Grinch shaped light bulb flickered above my head. I decided to go the "screw you" route and spoil every single game that I thought were hits in 2010. If you haven’t played one or all of the hits of 2010 then I would look away (or keep reading).

Shogun Gamer Holiday Contest

With the Holiday season still lingering, I thought it would be nice to reward some of y’all with some stuff – specifically free games and a kick-ass figure. You see, I’m not a completely jaded punk and instead I’m a bit of a softy and kind chap who thought it would be nice to give some of our loyal readers a reward of sorts. So to cap of 2010 and start 2011 off with a bang, I’m giving away two free games and a figure from the Square Enix Play Arts Kai series.

Halo: Reach [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

It's like all the pieces that Bungie has been building over the years finally came together. With all the options for changing the game that players are provided, this is a title that you could get YEARS of enjoyment out of.

The Pros: 

Best story from the Halo-verse yet. Most engaging characters so far. Unparalleled level of customization, both for games and characters. Addictive and fun gameplay. Most comprehensive Halo multiplayer ever. "Psych profile" feature actually pairs you with like-minded gamers!

The Cons: 

If you really truly find yourself needing more than what this game provides you are spoiled. This is the reason you can't have nice things. Rating : 

Though I’ve played through virtually every Halo title (I took a pass on Halo: Wars like three missions in but that doesn’t really even count right?) I’m not exactly what you’d call a “fan” of the series. Halo and I have had a bit of back and forth; some games tickled me while others left me feeling more than a little disappointed. Know that Bungie was stepping up to the plate for one last swing at gaming nirvana though; I knew Reach was going to be something special.

QuarterSave: Corey's Old Edition EP51

Even though Corey’s birthday was this weekend, he was kind enough to take time out from his celebration to swing by and record another show for you fine folks this week. Aside from the news that Corey is aging, this week’s show focuses around the recent launch of the Sony Move. We give our impressions of the Move and how we figure it will fit in with the current generation of gaming.

Diifii checks out the launch of Halo: Reach in the UK

The Halo series has been an amazing series in many ways. Arguably it has been the Halo series which has made Microsoft's Xbox the mega successful console it is today. In addition to this, Halo has introduced a number of revolutionary features into shooters, features that have influenced and inspired a number of other shooters.

Halo: Reach's "Deliver Hope" Extended Live Action Trailer Debuts

Two weeks ago Microsoft released "Deliver Hope", a cinematic live action trailer worthy of any movie house's big screen.

Now exclusively courtesy of Machinima's You Tube channel, you can now check out the extended cut version of the trailer with new footage a day before it officially debuts. 

Noam Murro directed the live action trailer short and he also directed the first Halo: Reach live action trailer, "A Birth of a Spartan".

Epic New Live Action Trailer for Bungie's Halo: Reach

Microsoft unleashes an brand new epic live-action trailer for Bungie's Halo Reach that demands your viewing.

When I see this live-action trailer of this magnitude of awesomeness for Halo: Reach, I cant imagine why or when a movie will be done based on the Halo universe. I figure if an advertising agency manages to make Halo in live-action look so damn good then why the hell not Hollywood has already?

Halo: Reach Nets September 14th Release

Well it looks like Bungie fell a little shy of their previous predictions for the server load in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta. In a press release issued earlier today they put forward the final tally. 2.7 million people “made history” with a “record-shattering” show of support for the title. Their original guesstimate was that there would be over 3 million people playing the game during the games run on Xbox Live. Though I do have to give them props for estimating so very close to the mark.

QuarterSave: 1 Year Later EP35

This week’s QuarterSave podcast marks the one year anniversary of the show! That’s right; somehow we’ve managed to stay afloat amongst the tidal waves of gaming podcasts out there, and continue to get bigger and stronger. Don’t ask me how we did it, I really don’t know! But it has lead us to an opportunity to throw on a big show for you guys, which is helped in no small part by the fact that Canada decided to throw us our very own GDC in our backyard. Thanks for the birthday present guys!

Welcome to the First Day of Halo: Reach Beta

Unless you've been visiting the moon the last couple of days, you know that the heavily anticipated Beta for Bungie's Halo: Reach was released to the public today.

All you need is a copy of Halo 3: ODST, a Gold subscription to Xbox Live and about 1.2 GB of free hard drive space to get into the mix.

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