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Guerrilla Games

SCEE Enlists The Services Of Veteran From Rare

Sony may have cannibalized their European studios last year with the closure of BigBig Studios (Pursuit Force) and the acclaimed Studio Liverpool, but the Euro branch of PlayStation isn’t being thrown to the wolves just yet. Besides Media Molecule and Studio Cambridge still playing a big part in the ever growing master plans of the PlayStation empire, Sony has enlisted the services of a former veteran from Rare Studios to help guide things.

Killzone: Mercenary Details + New Image Surface

So far 2013 looks a bit grim when it comes to compelling software for the PlayStation Vita.  This of course is a rather stark, and slightly depressing, contrast to this time last year when it looked as if the Vita would be nearly unstoppable; that’s of course until the device reached retail shelves with a lukewarm reaction and key games were nowhere to be found post launch.

Killzone: Intercept (Indie Made Short Film) Debuts

A full-on Killzone movie may still be a ways off from happening, at least as of now, but we can get a taste of what such a thing would be like through Killzone: Intercept. An indie short film made by Brian Curtin, the same guy who did the incredible Beyond Black Mesa, Killzone: Intercept shows us a glimpse of the battle between the ISA and Helghast while instilling once again that war is always hell.

Killzone Indie Film To Debut Next Week

Sony may be ever so slightly dipping their toes into the live-action arena when it comes to promoting their games or merely expanding existing franchises, but they’re still a step behind the competition.  Things such as the Michael/PlayStation All-Stars videos are a good effort, though in the long run they’re not as effective or downright cool compared to things such as Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.

Killzone HD Is Announced Yet Again Via The Killzone Trilogy

Originally mentioned earlier this year, the first entry of the Killzone series was set to make its debut on the PS3 – albeit in an unknown form. Not much in the way of details were given, but after suddenly being yanked from its presumed release date it was unknown what the fate was for the game, which one can surmise was a rather distressing thing for fans who wanted to play the game that started it all.

Guerrilla Games Enlists New Writers With FPS Experience For Unannounced Project i.e. Killzone 4

Over in Amsterdam the fine folks at Guerrilla Games have been hard at work on something. Exactly what that something is remains to be seen as Sony has been keeping a tight lid on things when it concerns their go-to FPS studio. We know that Guerrilla has upped its staff size to accommodate two full teams, one of whom is working on an unannounced IP while the other works on continuing the Killzone series.  

Story Excerpt Leaked From Next Killzone Game [Rumor]

The first of many pre-E3 leaks from Sony may have begun with news pertaining to the next Killzone entry.  The Killzone series is returning in some fashion or another and some details have leaked involving a promo video for the game – which as of now features more Helghan intrigue and hopefully will be light on the Rico action.  

The Multiplayer Mode Of Killzone 3 Is Receiving A Standalone Release

I think this may be a first for a major console game, but Sony has announced that they are releasing the multiplayer mode of Killzone 3 as a separate stand-alone mode on the PlayStation Store next week.  Featuring all the content found in the full game, the Killzone 3 multiplayer release will also be a free-to-play title as it’ll initially be free to download with no major fees. So if you haven’t already entered the battle between the ISA and Helghast then maybe now would be a good time to do such a thing.

Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Leaves Studio For Position At EA

Changes could be abound at Killzone developer Guetrilla Games as a key figure within the company has left for greener pastures. Company co-founder Arjan Brussee has left Guerrilla Games in favor of landing an Executive Producer gig at Electronic Arts, in particular the Visceral Games label.  Arjan’s new role at EA will see him assume Directing duties on a new high-level IP being helmed by Visceral which of course we know absolutely nothing about at the moment.

Killzone 1 PSN Release Delayed Indefinitely

Remember last month when the news leaked that the first Killzone game would be released on the PlayStation Network as a PS2 classic? I certainly remember such a thing and I’m sure a few other folks out there do as well.  Perhaps then I wasn’t the only one who was a bit confused when I went on the PS Store on January 24th, the “official” release of Killzone on the PSN, and was surprised to see the game missing in action.

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