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GTA V Receives An Official Release Date (Delay News Inside)

The day has come with the piece of info we’ve all been waiting for: the official release date for Grand Theft Auto V.  With only a vague Spring release date given by Rockstar Games, the chatterbox minds of gamers, and those within the press, were wondering when the game would grace our console of choice.  Certain retailers of course jumped the gun by posting temporary release dates which were far from the mark (hi, but now we have the truth: GTA V will come out this September.

Round 2 Of GTA V Screens Show What We Can Do In Los Santos

Earlier this week Rockstar Games did us a solid by releasing some new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V. I know that a video game developer releasing media isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but considering how starved some gamers have been for any sort of GTA V update and the general secrecy Rockstar usually has about their projects it was nonetheless nice to see the game in some way, however limited it may have been.

Modders Recreate GTA III Using Rockstar's Rage Engine

The PC modding community has been around for ages and likely will continue to thrive as the years continue.  We’ve had a lot of cool mods come out over the years some of which have been small like having the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” recreated within Crysis while other mods have been more substantial and ultimately have gone on to become full games.  

Reports Point To Activision Looking Into Purchase of Take-Two Interactive [RUMOR]

I honestly can’t think of a better way to start this Friday off then with a rumor that Activision is supposedly eyeing the purchase of Take-Two Interactive.  Activision of course has been the big topic amongst gamers and industry pundits this week as the company shuttered the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero brands, is perhaps giving the Tony Hawk franchise an early retirement and biggest of all the company cancelled the high profiled and expensive AAA game in the making that was True Crime: Hong Kong.  Oh, one last thing: Activision is also firing 500 people.

Rockstar preps GTAIV: Complete Edition

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years and have missed out on the GTAIV phenomenon, then now is your chance to jump in.  After releasing GTAIV and two different side stories, Rockstar Games will be releasing Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition later this month.

Get an update on GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony via Weazel News

The Grand Theft Auto games are known for their sarcasm and satirical edge on pop culture and the latest news trends and the latest entry, The Ballad of Gay Tony, seems to continue that tradition to almost new heights.

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony trailer

Rockstar Games have just released the first trailer for the latest chapter of DLC for GTA IV and all I can say is wow.  As reported earlier GTA: The Legend of Gay Tony follows Luis Lopez as he tries to keeps his boss, Gay Tony from losing all his clubs.  Of course all the other hijinks the GTA series is known for will be in the game such as gang wars, double crosses, surprise twists and dark humor.

Big Smile Reviews: GTA Chinatown Wars

Selling drugs, killing hookers, stealing cars and killing cops are on the agenda today. Ride shotgun with Diifii as he takes you through GTA Chinatown Wars!

Don't let the pint size of the DS put you off. Sure the DS isn't the most graphicaly powerful handheld on the market, but Difii we'll demo some of the special touch features that make this game a refreshing welcome to the GTA franchise.


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