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Our First and Possibly Only Look At Capcom's Strider Reboot

Today news has been unearthed which may either please, disappoint, or simply anger longtime fans of the ninja that is Strider.  Capcom may have forgotten about its once popular red scarfed ninja, but apparently a reboot was in the works.  According to info pertained by Anait Games, Grin Barcelona was working on a new Strider game for Capcom.  Yes, the same folks who did the Bionic Commando reboot were going to give Strider a next-gen makeover as well.

Leaked tech demo of Fortress, the Final Fantasy XII spin-off

Last August we got a glimpse at Fortress, a spin-off of Final Fantasy XII being developed by Grin.  The game, which was partially responsible for why Grin closed as SE pulled them from the project, showed some promise in the concept art that was leaked looked as it was a nice departure from what we usually see in Final Fantasy.  While Square Enix is still developing the game via an internal studio we now have an

A look at Grin's ninja game

In addition to developing a Final Fantasy spin-off game for Square Enix and another game for Capcom rumored to be a new Mega Man entry, the now closed developer Grin was also working on a mysterious ninja game.  The project which was unknown until now has been revealed via an artist’s resume which shows off in great detail the combat system for the game.

Grin was possibly working on a Mega Man game

It looks like shuttered developer Grin was working on another popular Japanese franchise besides the Final Fantasy XII spin-off Fortress.  On the LinkedIn profile of a former Grin employee a game titled “Blue Steel” is listed. Now this isn’t a Zoolander game for the PlayStation Eye or Natal in which players give their best fashion look but instead Blue Steel could’ve been a Mega Man game.

Final Fantasy XII spin-off game still in development

A month ago some concept art leaked for a new Final Fantasy project that was, to the surprise of many, being developed by Grin (Bionic Commando, Wanted: Weapons of Fate).  Besides learning that the game was called “Fortress” and would be a spin-off of Final Fantasy XII not much was known about the game.  Due to Square Enix pulling G

A Final Fantasy spin-off was being made by....

For the past few years there have been rumors of Final Fantasy getting an action oriented spin-off game, particularly a Final Fantasy VII action game. Yes, Dirge of Cerebus was released and was quite lackluster but still the rumors persisted that we may one day see a Final Fantasy game that once again ditches RPG mechanics for straight up action. Well today the lid has been blown on a cancelled Final Fantasy action game and I think we should all be glad it never met the light of day.

Bionic Commando bombs at retail

One of the wildcard games this year was Capcom’s reboot/relaunch or whatever the hell you want to call it of Bionic Commando. After releasing a remake of the original Bionic Commando last year that not only was a good game but hit all the right notes when it came to fan nostalgia it was unclear if the “proper” next-gen version of Bionic Commando would be solid as well.

New Bionic Commando gameplay trailer shows off impressive environments

New footage of Bionic Commando shows off some of its incredible dynamic lighting, lens effects and detailed environments. The amount of diversity in settings and landscapes in this trailer is very impressive. You'll also be treated to a glimpse at a completely aerial battle against a seemingly endless sea of wasp-like robots.

Xbox 360 exclusive Bionic Commando multiplayer demo impressions.

The original Bionic Commando for the NES is something that will always stand out in my mind. It was the first game that really instilled the concept for me of playing within the rules of a game. Instead of hating game play for lacking something (like for example the ability to jump). I began understanding why a decision like that would be made in your standard platformer, and began to wrap my head around the concept of a standard platformer now incorporating puzzle-based strategy.

The Mediocrity Continues

Last night on Gametrailers TV two new trailers premiered for the upcoming game versions of G.I. Joe and Terminator Salvation. We all know that the majority of film based games are garbage and these two trailers really don't break that mold. Since the pictures for the G.I. Joe game were released we all knew it was going to be a joke but seeing it in motion is just a whole another level of "what were they thinking?"

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