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Grand Theft Auto

GTA V Receives An Official Release Date (Delay News Inside)

The day has come with the piece of info we’ve all been waiting for: the official release date for Grand Theft Auto V.  With only a vague Spring release date given by Rockstar Games, the chatterbox minds of gamers, and those within the press, were wondering when the game would grace our console of choice.  Certain retailers of course jumped the gun by posting temporary release dates which were far from the mark (hi, but now we have the truth: GTA V will come out this September.

The Hype Cycle Begins: New GTAV Screens Released + Tease Of Upcoming Announcement

Usually it’s not good to over hype a mere media release, especially when it’s only a few screenshots, but in the case of GTAV such a thing is expected. Ten months removed from when we were greeted with the premier trailer, Rockstar has kept quiet as always when it comes to GTAV but today three new screens were released

The First GTAV Viral Site Is Finally Launched

GTAV is still enigmatic as always, more so after Take Two’s investors call yesterday which featured the usual amount of question dodging.  Rockstar is no doubt tirelessly working away on GTAV to wow us soon, but when will we see something for the game, whether it’s a brilliantly crafted trailer or a mere screenshot? Rockstar did give us a small tease with some new screenshots, but when will the traditional hype machine begin for the game?

Rockstar Games Releases New GTAV Screens + Small Audio Tidbit, Tease Of Future Red Dead Announcement

We’ve been patiently waiting or something to be released since November and at long last Rockstar Games has given us our second look at Grand Theft Auto V.  Released today totally unexpectedly, we have two new in-game screenshots showing us the glorious and ever beautiful place that is Los Santos.  Seeing two simple screenshots may not be as epic as a grand trailer that shows us the world of Los Santos in great detail, but at this point I’m sure gamers will grab whatever GTAV media is given to them.

Modders Recreate GTA III Using Rockstar's Rage Engine

The PC modding community has been around for ages and likely will continue to thrive as the years continue.  We’ve had a lot of cool mods come out over the years some of which have been small like having the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” recreated within Crysis while other mods have been more substantial and ultimately have gone on to become full games.  

GTA DLC Review Part 2: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Overall Feeling: 

Forget the fact that it’s DLC. A wealth of new characters, missions and activities, combined with a visual upgrade make The Ballad of Gay Tony the perfect swan song for Rockstar North’s fourth Grand Theft Auto.

The Pros: 

Terrific pacing means that the action never eases up. A visual upgrade irons out many rough edges. Plenty of activities and missions to complete, none of which feel as though they’re simply filler. The new rating system adds an extra dimension to play as well as giving the player reason to replay missions.

The Cons: 

There’s still some minor graphical hitches. Rating : 

The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBoGT) represents the final piece of DLC that will be made available for Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV). No doubt the Edinburgh-based developer is already hard at work on the next GTA title, but not before offering up one of the best experiences in the series’ history.

GTA DLC Review Part 1: The Lost and Damned

Overall Feeling: 

Takes everything that was so good about GTA IV and freshens it up with new characters, missions and weapons all packed into an explosive story.

The Pros: 

New characters, each with the sense of humour that has become typical of Rockstar North. New weapons and vehicles means that you have even more choice in how you complete the various missions put your way. Plenty for you to dive into, adding more bang for your buck.

The Cons: 

Lack of any customization for your character appearance is disappointing. Some minor visual improvements (NPC clipping fixes etc.) would have been nice. Rating : 

Make no mistake about it; even with its new characters and plot, The Lost and Damned (TLaD) is still Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV). But that’s what makes it so good. While Rockstar North have indeed added a fair amount in the first of two DLC packages, there’s nothing in TLaD that will feel new, but it does feel fresh.

Get an update on GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony via Weazel News

The Grand Theft Auto games are known for their sarcasm and satirical edge on pop culture and the latest news trends and the latest entry, The Ballad of Gay Tony, seems to continue that tradition to almost new heights.

Take-Two promises not to tease us about GTA5

Yesterday Take-Two held their Q3 Earnings call and besides all the financial mumbo jumbo and release date confirmations Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick probably said the best quote we’ll ever get this generation.  When asked about when we can expect some form of an announcement or tease concerning GTA5 Strauss had this to say:

Our first look at GTA: Chinatown Wars for the PSP

Last week Rockstar Games announced that the PSP version of GTA: Chinatown Wars would be released on October 20th and today we have our first look at the game with a batch of screenshots.

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