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ShogunGamer Game of the Year - Part 3

Happy New Year Shogun Gamers! Hopefully everyone has fully recovered from the festivities and is ready for another year. 2015 is starting to look like an awesome year for video gamers, but before we dive into what's next we're going to finish up with what we liked in 2014.

ShogunGamer Game of the Year - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our four-part series running down the top of games of 2014. Continuing where we left off yesterday, we have a few more categories, nominations, and awards to offer up for Shogun Gamer's official Game of the Year discussion... and our number one choice for the best game of 2014 is just around the corner.

In the meantime, enjoy and Happy New Year!

Winners are shown at the top of the list, and highlighted with asterisks.

ShogunGamer Game of the Year - Part 1

The time, being the end of the year, has come for us to begin our breakdown of the very best games of 2014. Last week the writing staff of Shogun Gamer hopped on a Skype call and locked ourselves in a virtual room to hash out what we believed was the best of the best.

Snoopy and co. are back with a new DLC pack for Snoopy Flying Ace

Back in June, Xbox 360 gamers were greeted with Snoopy Flying Ace, a game I simply adored due to it’s respect of the Peanuts franchise and the terrific aerial base combat it provided.  Snoopy Flying Ace had quite a lot of content in it but now developer Smart Bomb Interactive has released a new DLC pack filled with enough content to keep all those Snoopy enthusiasts out there occupied.

First footage of Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer modes

If you’ve been following the site for some time now you may have seen that I’m pretty hyped for Red Dead Redemption.  It’s not just because I’m a fan of Rockstar Games but because I’ve been dying for an Old West game for ages.  After seeing the countless trailers, screens and then getting some hands-on time as PAX East my anticipation for RDR is well over 9,000.

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