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Gotham City Impostors

WB Games Issues Release Date For Gotham City Impostors, The FPS Batman Game

In case you’re yearning for yet another Batman video game experience you may or may not be interested in Gotham City Impostors, the new Batman FPS spin-off game.  Helmed by Monolith Productions (F.E.A.R), Gotham City Impostors has gamers assuming the roles of would be vigilantes mimicking themselves after Batman and the Joker. WB Games unveiled Gotham City Imposters earlier this year but it hasn’t been until now that the studio has announced when the game would drop.

The Whacky Brutality of Gotham City Impostors Is Shown In This New Trailer

Last month at E3 I played one game in particular that I had mixed feelings about but was hoping for the best: Gotham City Impostors.  A spin-off on the Batman franchise, Gotham City Impostors takes gamers out of the cape and cowl of Bruce Wayne as Batman and instead places them in the shoes of would be heroes and villains.  Taking the world of Batman and transporting it into a FPS environment that was devoid of the iconic characters associated with the series was interesting and could’ve been a nice departure from the typical licensed fair we see.

Gotham City Impostors - Hands-On [E3 2011]

As a kid I absolutely adored Batman and loved every aspect of the character.

Gotham City Impostors Art Is Released, Game Looks Totally Mental

Yesterday we received confirmation of WB Games’ new Batman game. While most of us expected a game in which Batman would be taking on his extensive rogues gallery, the game we got instead was radically different: a 4 vs. 4 shooter with wanna-be vigilantes as the heroes and villains.  The news that we would be receiving a FPS set in the world of Batman was a bit unsettling to some, but to others it was a possible breath of fresh air that if given its execution, could be a sleeper hit of sorts.

WB Games Announces The Double-Whammy Surprise That Is Gotham City Impostors

For some ungodly reason WB Games have decided to move forward with a new Batman game that is somehow a spin-off of sorts instead of being a proper adventure like Batman: Arkham City.  Hinted earlier this year in the form of some retail listings which soon led to several unique domain registrations, WB Games will be releasing Gotham City Impostors this year on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

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