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God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Impressions [Hands-On Preview]

If there’s one important thing that this generation has taught both gamers, developers, and publishers it’s that hot trends do indeed have a major impact.  In some cases it’s easy to push aside a trend as nothing more than a fad for that given moment, but at other times it’s hard to deny the growth something has received and how it almost immediately becomes part of the DNA of the industry for better or worse. 

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta To Kick Off Next Month + New Video

You wouldn’t think that’s such a thing is happening due to the lack of hype thus far, but a new God of War game is coming out five months from now.  Not a direct continuation of God of War III, Sony Santa Monica is nonetheless continuing the tale of sorrow, bloodshed, and anger in God of War: Ascension.  So far we’ve seen what the game has to offer in a brief single-player snippet and today we have more footage showcasing the new and somewhat controversial multiplayer mode.

God of War: Ascension Features An Epic and Bloody Multiplayer Mode

The announcement of God of War: Ascension wasn’t exactly shocking, but today Sony has swept the rug from under us as they’ve announced that the fourth entry in the God of War series will feature multiplayer component.  At long last the God of War series has jumped on the multiplayer bandwagon and effectively lessen the already short endangered species list that is core single-player video games.

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