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God of War 3

Radial Dialogue - Episode 11 - Twitch, Security and Skin

Welcome, fans! There’s plenty of talk and rage on the most recent episodes as Jen and I dig through a couple of stories that we had things to say about. Twitch was attacked recently, causing everyone to need a change of their passwords… good thing they don’t store your credit card information!

A Small Rumor Pops Up Concerning God of War 4

A lot of bullsh!t rumors come up in the world of gaming and today something has come up that I couldn’t help but address and share with all the fine people who are reading this.  The sometimes on the money, sometimes completely off the mark folks over at PSM3 magazine have a juicy rumor about the future of the God of War franchise.

WGA reveal video game writing nominees, some of which are questionable

The video game industry may be a massive one both in terms of popularity and the revenue it brings in, but when it comes to recognizing the people behind the games things are lacking a bit.  There are a few reputable award shows within the industry, but as far as games getting recognized in the mainstream for their merits the biggest event we have is the Spike Video Game Awards, a show which we know is nothing more than a commercial.

2010 Spoiled in 200 words (or less)

There I sat, pondering my gaming experience of 2010. Did I want to follow suit and make a "best of" list? Did I want to just choose my favorite game and go off about how if you don't like it then I don't like you? All of a sudden, a green Grinch shaped light bulb flickered above my head. I decided to go the "screw you" route and spoil every single game that I thought were hits in 2010. If you haven’t played one or all of the hits of 2010 then I would look away (or keep reading).

God of War: Ghost of Sparta trailer has family drama + bonus item revealed

When God of War 3 dropped on the PS3 earlier this year there was a nice sense of closure to the series.  Without being an ass and spoiling the game, the journey of Kratos indeed came to a satisfying ending that left a 10% chance of a sequel some point down the road.  Then shortly after GOW3 Sony announced God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.  Serving as bridge between the first two games in the series, Ghost of Sparta has a lot going for it but to some there was a feeling of “too much, too soon, same old GOW.”  After watching this new trailer for Ghost of Sparta, I t

God of War 3 art book announced

If there’s one game that never ceases to amaze with its amazing concept art its God of War.  The wildly popular franchise has always had some of the best concept art, most of which show Kratos in iconic action poses and involve him looking like a bad ass.  In the past we’ve been lucky to have some of the GOW concept art made available to us, whether it’s via artist blogs or through Limited Edition strategy guides.

Big Smile Reviews - God of War 3

If God Of War 3 has any historical accuracy, then back in ancient Greece all the women used to walk around topless. This of course would make ancient Greece pure heaven on earth, and I have to applaud the great people of Studio Santa Monica for recreating a piece of this heaven in their game.

The ESRB details the sexual content of God of War 3

Besides offering amazing visuals, epic action and good storytelling one of the trademarks of the God of War franchise is the sex mini-game.  Yeah, it started off as a goofy easter egg of sorts but for some reason God of War fans have become transfixed with seeing Kratos show his mac daddy side as he usually beds two women at the same time. Not only did the sex mini-game provide a few chuckles in an otherwise intense experience it also offered some nudity, something that most gamers will never get tired off.

Witness some amazing action in this new God of War 3 trailer

After months without any new media God of War fans such as me have finally been treated to a new trailer for the last adventure of Kratos.  It’s definitely been tough to wait almost a year to see any new footage especially after playing the GOW3 demo which pushed everyone’s hype and expectation for the game into overdrive.

Kratos is getting his own Slurpee and other items at 7-Eleven

Sony is continuing their marketing push outside the world of video games with another venture with the venerable chain 7-Eleven. As you can no doubt tell by the picture above this time Sony is pushing the God of War series with a series of cups, promotional items and even a God of War Slurpee flavor.

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