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Gears of War Ultimate

Gears of War Ultimate Edition [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

You never know what to expect when you revisit an older game; especially one that's almost a decade old. Many games don't tend to age well, either because of its aged graphics or dated mechanics. Suffice it to say, the original Gears of War finally gets the remake treatment 9 years later and I'm quite surprised. Not only by how well the game has held up after all these years but with how fun it was to revisit Marcus and shoot some Locust; all with a new coat of paint to put it over the top.

The Pros: 

+60 FPS multiplayer

+The Cole Train credit song is intact

+A slew of small but important improvements

+Previously PC exclusive maps and campaign levels are included

+New multiplayer progression system

The Cons: 

-The odd glitch and bugs

-Some purists might not like all the 'improvements' and changes in multiplayer

-Only multiplayer is 60FPS, not campaign. Rating : 


Gears of War goes Ultimate in its latest release

In a perfect world we would be playing the latest and perhaps final entry in the Gears of War franchise in a few months but alas we’re not. But gamers who never partook in the overly macho, head stomping, sci-fi action offered by Gears then you can do so for a value price point.  Revealed via the wonders of GameStop jumping the gun is Gears of War Ultimate, the latest in the series long line of re-releases.

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