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Battleborn [X-15 Hands On]

I tossed my battle axe across the map, all while bursting forward with my shield out in front and my four comrades giving covering fire from behind. This was just the first minute of Gearbox Software's Battleborn.

At X-15, Gearbox had a playable demo of one of their co-op campaign mode in Battleborn. Ten characters were available to choose, all vibrant and unique. I could immediately associate the "hero shooter" with Borderlands just through the personality on the character screen.

Remaining THQ Properties Acquired (Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction)

The rather depressing saga of THQ is almost over for good since the remaining properties once owned by the company have now been acquired. Initially passed up in the auction that saw Ubisoft pick up South Park and Saints Row become part of the Koch Media family, once major THQ franchises such as Darksiders and Drawn to Life now have new homes – however unexpected they may be.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Confirmed?

Earlier this week developer Gearbox Software dropped the bombshell that it had acquired the rights to the Duke Nukem franchise, and that the aptly named Duke Nukem Forever was still in development. Following on from this, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford all but confirmed that a demo was in the pipeline. He gave this statement to VG247:

Borderlands level cap increase included in next DLC

Borderlands was on pretty much every Top Ten list of 2009 that I have come across. It’s universally one of the best games of recent years, and I still very much enjoy playing it. 

With that said though, there is one thing fans of the series have been clamouring for: a level cap increase. Thankfully the guys over at Gearbox have been listening to what the fans have been saying, and in a recent post on the forums have announced an upgrade to the game in the form of the third DLC release. 

A new Duke Nukem game could be upon us

You’ve got to love the Duke Nukem franchise since despite not releasing a relevant game in a long ass time the series keeps on kicking.  It’s kind of sad to see the once great Duke resorted to being a joke amongst the gaming community due to the troubled development cycle of appropriately titled Duke Nukem Forever which was killed earlier this year when developer 3D Realms closed. But based on what appeared on the Duke Nukem Facebook page it looks like DN Forever may not be dead.

Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Nintendo DS

A few weeks ago interesting footage of an Aliens game for the Nintendo DS leaked online and was quickly taken down. Surprisingly the game looked quite good and seemed to be a combination of Metroid style gameplay while evoking memories of the old Aliens arcade game.   Sadly the hopes of fans were crushed as rumors spread that the Aliens DS game was the latest casualty in the list of cancelled Alien games following the Aliens RPG from Obsidian and the Gearbox developed Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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