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GDC Canada

Canadian Video Game Awards & Canada Games Conference 2011!


Canadian Video Game Awards:

To further express our countries amazing video game developers, we here in Vancouver hold an annual Canadian Video Game Awards show. This show is filled with development superstars and high profile press/entertainment icons. The second annual CVGA's took place the eve before we kicked off the Canadian Games Conference. Here is the list of the winners and nominees followed by my romp through the Canadian Games Conference.

QuarterSave: 1 Year Later EP35

This week’s QuarterSave podcast marks the one year anniversary of the show! That’s right; somehow we’ve managed to stay afloat amongst the tidal waves of gaming podcasts out there, and continue to get bigger and stronger. Don’t ask me how we did it, I really don’t know! But it has lead us to an opportunity to throw on a big show for you guys, which is helped in no small part by the fact that Canada decided to throw us our very own GDC in our backyard. Thanks for the birthday present guys!

[Updated] GDC Canada Swag Bag Give Away

As you already know ShogunGamer loves you. In return we want your love. How do we go about getting it? Just like any good parent, we buy it. We buy your love through give-aways. We give, and we give, and then we give some more! So as per our tradition, we’ve got a collection of swag accumulated from the two day long GDC Canada show, and we’re going to be giving it away to one lucky winner!

What’s in the swag bag this time?

Well there’s plenty for you here, we actually did a pretty decent job cleaning up what was available at GDC Canada. Here are some of the highlights:

GDC Canada: Shogun's Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

As a fan of video games, technology, and the people behind both of them I have an obvious interest in the conferences that bring together the minds behind the tech that I love. Once I heard there was going to be a conference locking together all these interests in my own back yard, well I knew I had to make my way there. GDC Canada might not have had the flash of its bigger American brother, or the size of a show like CES, but size is not always the most important thing.

QuarterSave: To Reboot or Repeat, That is the Question EP34

It was a rather large week for the cast of QuarterSave this week, and the episode does run a little bit long. There were plenty of new things for us to play around with this week, with the release of the Split/Second demo, new Just Cause 2 DLC, and new Iron Man 2 game for the iPhone.  Add to that the fact that Bright Falls released and that we were at Vancouver’s midnight showing of Nightmare on Elm Street, and then hopefully you’ll see why we had so much to say! 

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