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GDC 2012

TL;DR - Mar 23 - Mohawks, Prey 2, Adventure Time!


Happy Friday fellow Shogunites! The week, as long as it may have felt, has finally concluded its grind. Its time to kick back, relax, and dig into whatever game you’re currently working your way through… unless you’re the going out on Friday night kind, in which case: Happy Saturday! Today’s TL;DR offers up some exciting news for the DS in the form of an Adventure Time game. Ubisoft is making plans to shave heads and tattoo attendees at PAX East (exciting!), and some GDC cancellations have the internet talking games that might be canned.

Girl Fight Hands-On [GDC 2012]

Sometimes it’s hard for gamers to take a game seriously if it looks a certain way or is being handled by a particular developer. It’s never proper to judge a book by its cover instead of getting some hands-on time with it, but sometimes a mere image or description of a game can say it all which will lead to gamers casting it aside like a bad piece of food.

Datura Preview + Interview [GDC 2012]

Seeing the way video games evolve always interests me as there are at least half a dozen factors developers can approach when devising a game.  Should the emotional route be taken or should a different gameplay formula be implemented that however unorthodox it may be is ultimately something that will not only service the premise of the game but provide a fresh experience to gamers?

Starhawk Co-Op Mode Hands-On [GDC 2012]

Sometimes I may lament about how modern multiplayer gaming is sometimes going in circles with games that are focused too much on the wrong elements, but I would be a hypocrite to say that I don’t enjoy playing multiplayer games here and there. While I’ll admit that I’m a bit picky about what I play, I really can’t help but feel satisfied upon being a would be Tier 1 soldier or playing general to my fellow teammates as I lead them on a quest to glory.

Mortal Kombat Vita Hands-On [GDC 2012]

There are some games that are timeless no matter how many years go by or even what platform they’re on.  As long as the core essence of the game is capture then it really doesn’t matter if we’re playing it on a different console or even on the go thanks to a portable gaming system.

TL;DR - Mar 12 - GDC 2012, Scrolls, Achievements

Happy Monday Shogun Gamer-ites! Gamers? That makes more sense. Shogun Gamers! It’s the first day of a new week, and that means I can get started on recapping some of the stories we didn’t get around to throughout the day. Today I shine the spotlight on a couple of smaller stories that piqued my personal interest, and you might be interested in as well: Microsoft has increased their points on XBLA titles to 400! Mojang and Bethesda settled the ‘Scrolls’ dispute, and GDC announces their numbers for 2012.


Modern Warfare 3 DLC Preview [GDC 2012]

As I mentioned in last week’s TL;DR there’s still a lot of information coming out of GDC, slowly but surely, due to the magic of embargo dates. Today’s release of information means that we can talk about the time we spent last week with the Modern Warfare 3 DLC plans, and our hands-on impressions. For those that aren’t already aware, Activision is upping their commitment from 20 pieces of content to 24 pieces, which for the Elite subscribers is coming at no additional cost.

Sorcery Hands-On [GDC 2012]

The PlayStation Move is in desperate need of a champion piece of software that will help elevate the peripheral past its current state of near gaming purgatory.  Every couple of months a game may appear which has potential to be the much sought after PlayStation Move champion but all have mostly failed or been outright mediocre.  For a long amount of time many thought Sorcery would become the killer app for the PlayStation Move but after the game was finally revealed last December the overall excitement level dwindled due to gameplay that was akin to a magic based shooting game.

Sony Offers A Glimpse Into The Future Of AR Gaming [GDC 2012]

Video games have come a long way in the last few years with the graphics and ways we play games being vastly different compared to a mere eight or ten years ago.  At this point it may have seemed like there wasn’t much farther video games could go since at some point all the consoles will be capable of the same graphics with only minimal differences being present.

Lollipop Chainsaw Hands-On [GDC 2012]

One of the many joys of attending GDC this year was getting the chance to talk to people about games. Yes, talking about video games at a conference must sound like a shocker but I wasn’t engaged in convos about which games are the best or if Skyrim is all it’s cracked up to be but instead talked about what video games are and can be in the future. With the reveal of Kara by David Cage, video games are on the cusp of reaching a high level that was previously unobtainable in terms of emotion and detail.

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