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Injustice: Gods Among Us Receives Battle Edition (Big CE) and Release Date Revealed

At this point there may be so many games coming out in the first half of 2013 that it’s hard to keep track of which games should immediately join our collection and which should receive the Gamefly/Redbox treatment.  Choosing between a dozen games may be a tough thing to do for gamers with less than deep pockets, but fans of fighting games are likely going to go all in for Injustice: Gods Among Us and the rather massive special edition SKU that will be released alongside the game.

Bayonetta Set To Appear In The Western Release Of Anarchy Reigns

It may have taken roughly a year and a half for the game to finally hit our shores, but the brawler that is Anarchy Reigns is still a thing that will actually see the light of day.  Gamers in Japan may have been lucky to have the game since July, yet for some reason Sega decided to delay the game from releasing in the west until 2013, January 2013 to be exact as per the last major update that was given.

Konami Unveils North American Collector's Edition SKUs for Metal Gear Rising and Zone of the Enders HD

WB Interactive showed us a rather perfect Collector’s Edition for Injustice: Gods Among Us earlier this week that perfectly fit the target demographic without skewing too low in an attempt to earn a few extra bucks.  The nature of CE’s still draws the ire of gamers once in a while since quality products that aren’t filled with needless plastic are hard to come by.

Mass Effect 3's Pre-order Bonus Items Revealed

One of the most anticipated games of 2012, Mass Effect 3, is scheduled to land at your favorite video game retailer on March 6th and Bioware has just announced what pre-order DLC goodies gamers will be able to snag for free if they pre-order their copy of Mass Effect 3 before March 6th.

All pre-orders regardless of retailer choice will get their hands on a M55 Argus Assault Rifle which will aid Commander Shepard in fending off the Reapers' invasion with rapid-fire bursts of doom.

Capcom Reveals Somewhat Lackluster Asura's Wrath Pre-Order Bonuses

Capcom has announced some pre-order incentives for their upcoming action romp Asura’s Wrath, you know since all gamers love having pieces of content doled out between different retailers only to be sold later for $2-$5 a pop.  Slightly pessimistic attitude aside, some of the pre-order goodies for Asura’s Wrath do sound a bit suspicious in nature – almost mirroring the situation gamers went through last week which found Capcom selling what were effectively cheat codes for Dead Rising 2.  

A Bone to Pick with Gamestop

A couple of weeks ago, there was a situation that came to light where Gamestop was ripping open sealed copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and removing codes to download the OnLive version for free... Gamestop went on record to explain that they were not informed that the codes would be packaged in and OnLive is a direct competitor (apparently). As understandable as that is, I still find it ridiculous that the massive chain was still charging the full $60 price for a game that had been opened and gutted.

GameStop Is Prepping A Tablet (No, This Isn't A Joke)

In news that couldn’t be expected in any possible fashion, GameStop has revealed their intention to release a tablet in the next year. Yes, GameStop as in the same international retailer of new and used video games and that is home to sometimes inept employees will be launching a custom made GameStop branded tablet. What the hell is going on today?

Gamestop Gets Exclusive Assassins' Creed: Revelations Ultimate Bundle

GameStop revealed an exclusive Assassin's Creed: Revelations' Ultimate Bundle that will only be available to purchase at your local GameStop or via their website naturally since it's an retail exclusive.

When are game publishers going to stop jumping into bed with GameStop by providing them with exclusive editions or pre-order bonuses especially when GameStop seems pretty hellbent on discovering new ways to screw its customers (exhibit 1,453: GameStop's recent Onlive/Deus Ex: Human Revolution debacle) but that is another write up for another day.

A New Batman: Arkham City Pre-Order Skin Is Revealed And It's A Bit Sci-Fi

The brass at WB Games are probably fully aware that they have a mega-hit on their hands with Batman: Arkham City and to maximize their profits they’re going to do lots of new stuff for the game, the most specific of which is include a healthy amount of pre-order DLC.  While the pre-order DLC is a little something to entice people to immediately purchase the game or at least commit to it, we all know that give or take a few weeks that what once was an exclusive skin for Best Buy or GameStop will pop up on the PS Store and XBL for a low sum of money – thus WB Games gets more money out of

Want A Free Bionic Arm From Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

This isn’t really breaking news per say as it more or so falls in line with how cool certain contests can be yet at the same time being wholly ridiculous.  In an attempt to further hype up Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is coming out in August, Square Enix is throwing one of those fancy video game contests that have been present since the SNES days.  Like Deus Ex itself, the contest Square Enix is throwing is rather impressive and is far from being normal, mainly because you have the chance to win a bionic arm.

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