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Gamescom 2010

QuarterSave: The Gamescom Special EP49

This week has been a rather eventful week. Gamescom has come and gone, and in its wake there have emerged a plethora of video game news and media. In order to celebrate the tidal wave of new information that came this week Corey and I focus on the news stories of the week while enjoying a nice German beer.

TOROcast - Episode 66 - Das Gamecom

Monday has rolled around once more, and that means that there are new podcasts for you to enjoy! First up the boys of TOROcast get together to discuss the news that came out of this year's Gamecom. Samm, Musco, Brandon and KPants sound off, while celebrating the birth of one of the co-hosts! 

Shogun Gamer News Wrap-Up: Aug. 16 - Aug. 20

August continues to be a month packed with gaming goodness and the Gamescom event in Europe was filled with several surprises.  Gamescom is essentially a smaller European based version of E3, but this year was more memorable than previous years many due to the avalanche of reveals that were made.  Sony perhaps had the strongest showing at Gamescom with the reveal of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One along with a shockingly good trailer for

New Infamous 2 gameplay footage shows new area, enemy and power

With the new setting of Infamous 2 being based on New Orleans that obviously means we won’t be limited to navigating various urban landscapes.  Empire City served its purpose for the first Infamous game but Sucker Punch is greatly expanding things for the superhero epic that is Infamous 2.

First peek at Tekken X Street Fighter

During their Street Fighter x Tekken presentation at Gamescom, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono made a special reveal concerning Tekken x Street Fighter.  Leading up to Gamescom there were rumblings that the Namco Bandai installment of the fighting game crossover would be revealed but with the internet being the tricky place that it is, there was some doubt cast on if we would actually see anything.

Crysis 2 multiplayer footage takes the battle to the rooftops of New York

Crysis was a major hit on the PC, even if half the gamers who played the game weren’t able to reach the maximum performance levels to fully enjoy the jaw dropping graphics. But now it’s time for Crysis 2 to hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 and given the flooded market of fps games available, Crysis may have a tough battle in terms of breaking through to certain gamers.

PlayStation heroes unite in Heroes on the Move

Announced amidst a plethora of other PlayStation Move games, there wasn’t a lot of immediate excitement for Heroes on the Move. A mash-up of three key Sony franchises (Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper); Heroes on the Moved looked like an interesting concept but was brushed aside by many as being nothing more than a PS Move fluff game.

Check out a thrilling new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit video

I don’t think it has quite settled in yet, but this November we’re getting a brand new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit game. Yes, in a mere two and a half months we’ll be able to drive around in a Lamborghini and recklessly drive as we avoid the cops.  To say I’m excited at this prospect is an understatement, especially after getting some hands-on time with the game recently.  But now my excitement level has reached its peak with the release of a new gameplay trailer.

Plenty of Over the Top Action in New Bulletstorm's Gameplay Demo Video.

New gameplay demo video shown today at Gamescom 2010 being held in Germany for Epic games and People Can Fly's new first-person shooter, Bulletstorm.

The video features a description of the game's storyline from Epic Games Producer Tanya Jessen, witty quips and some spicy action with a four barrel pulse shotgun affectionately called the "Bone Duster".

Killzone 3 multiplayer footage = pure mayhem

Even though it still isn’t out for another six months, Killzone 3 is already pretty damn awesome. But a statement like that coming from me is like someone stating the sky is blue.  Nonetheless, Killzone 3 is ramping up to be another stellar installment of sci-fi warfare that isn’t just a retread of what we experienced before.

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