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Sheriff Earp's Autopsy: WGX leaked concept

I have decided to start a new feature based on all of the police games and detective shows I've been playing/watching. I will take specific game videos and trailers released and pick apart the aspects of the clip. Whether there is anything that is missed at first glance, or there it's just a nice little video, I will find and document all of the details. Prepare to be dissected world!

Fable III - PC [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The game that is said to be Peter Molyneux's crowning jewel was originally released last fall on consoles. The third and rumoured final game of the Fable franchise sets itself up for greatness. The PC version takes full advantage of all of the things that makes Fable III a complete game. For all of you Fable fans out there, the PC version is the way to go. The console version wasn't shy when it came to bugs and fell flat on numerous graphical aspects. The time it took to release the PC version was well worth the wait, this is the game Fable III was supposed to be.


The Pros: 

+ The sharpest looking Lionhead game EVER!
+ Smooth game play
+ Fast and easy item downloads
+ Xbox controller capable

The Cons: 

- Occasional (but few) animation failures
- Loading times could improve Rating : 


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