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Radial Dialogue - Episode 3 - Canadian Price Increase, and GAME Millionaire's Club

Thanks to very one that joined us live this morning! As you can tell we are improving the show episode over episode. This time around we learned that we've been having the game audio WAY too long. I turned that down, you're welcome.

Episode 3 of Radial Dialogue features discussions about Fable Legends going the f2p route, and GAME's ridiculous special editions that are specifically made for millionaires. Full notes below!

Far Cry 4 DLC adds Yetis
-Will they be the Skyrim equivalent of Giants?
-Jen is still playing a bunch of FC4!

TL;DR - Mar 2 - AC3 Images, Notch, GAME

Happy Friday all! It looks like we all managed to make it to the weekend, so here’s to celebrating with some good friends, good video games and (if you’re of the persuasion, and of age) a good strong drink. Today in TL;DR I recap a couple of stories that caught my attention including: Assassin’s Creed III’s leaked (in-game) images, Notch giving away $3 million dollars to his employees, and GAME’s calculated losses for not being able to stock Mass Effect 3.

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