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Fumito Ueda

New Update On The Last Guardian Is More Of The Same - Not Good News

In case you still care or like to read things that will crush your heart, we have our quarterly update on The Last Guardian.  The long in development game from Team Ico started off strong when it was unveiled at E3 2009 but since then it’s fallen off the radar due to development issues, and was seemingly so troubled that Team Ico head Fumito Ueda announced that he was departing SCEJ yet would stay onboard on a contractual basis to finish the game.

Our Newest Slightly Soul Crushing Update On The Last Guardian

I really want there to be some good news about The Last Guardian but at this point I don’t know when or if we’ll actually receive such a thing. After wowing us at E3 2010, The Last Guardian has gone through several considerable drops, the first of which was being a no-show at key industry events and the most recent being the departure of Team Ico leader and creator Fumito Ueda.  

Yet Another Not So Great Update On The Saga Involving Fumito Ueda and The Last Guardian

At long last we have some official news on the rumors that have been swirling around game designer Fumito Ueda and The Last Guardian. But alas it’s not the news we had hoped it would be and instead confirms what we have previously heard: Fumito Ueda has left Sony.

Team Ico Head Fumito Ueda Breaks His Silence With A Very Minor Update On The Last Guardian

A week has almost elapsed since the not so great rumor broke that Team Ico head Fumito Ueda left Sony.  Not all was completely lost for Team Ico and its current project The Last Guardian as Fumito was reportedly finishing up his work on the game in a freelance capacity. Now like most rumors, Sony and Fumito didn’t bother to comment on the rumor – thus igniting debates amongst gamers wondering if the rumor was legit while others were praying that it was false.

[Rumor] Team Ico Head Fumito Ueda Reportedly Has Left Sony

Today may end up being a day of mourning in the PlayStation nation as famed game developer Fumito Ueda has reportedly left Sony. Best known as the creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Fumito was the head of Team Ico which for the last few years have been hard at work on The Last Guardian.  Eurogamer is reporting that Fumito has departed Team Ico and SCEJ and will be wrapping up his duties on The Last Guardian in a freelance capacity i.e.

Ico novelization finally coming to North America

One of the many reasons that Ico is a classic is because the game doesn’t have a complex or deeply explained story.  Aside from the opening cutscene there’s not a lot explained from a story standpoint but that's actually one of the strong points of the game. Being able to roam around a castle with a mysterious pale girl in tow while shadow monsters hunt you is pretty captivating upon itself.

New interview for The Last Guardian has some interesting tidbits

Not only is there a massive amount of hype surrounding The Last Guardian, but there’s also a great deal of mystery surrounding the project.  The somewhat enigmatic nature of Team Ico’s new game isn’t too surprising since there was an equal amount of mystery surrounding Ico and The Last Guardian. But still, gamers are so enamored with the world of TLG that they’re already wondering what connection, if any, The Last Guardian has to Ico and SOTC.

The Last Guardian is set to appear at TGS 2010

After some initial worry that Team Ico’s new PS3 game The Last Guardian would be missing in action at TGS, Sony has confirmed that it will in fact be at the show.

It’s unclear if this will be a media blow out of sorts for The Last Guardian, but creator and Team Ico head Fumito Ueda will be hosting a Q&A along with giving a brief demo of the game.  Obviously this could be one of those cases where we’ll get screwed and won’t have any new media, but at least we’re bound to get a few details about the game and some juicy comments from Fumito.

An interesting patent arises from Team Ico

One game PS3 gamers are eagerly anticipating is The Last Guardian, the latest game from Team Ico.  Since it was unveiled last year at E3, we’ve sadly gotten no new details on Team Ico’s upcoming masterpiece. But with the Tokyo Game Show around the corner we’re bound to get something new, even if it’s just another 1 minute trailer. But as pre-cursor to the potential TGS announcements, an interesting patent has arisen that originates from Fumito Ueda, the main man of Team Ico.

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