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Yet Another Depressing Update On The Status Of Star Wars Battlefront III

The seemingly endless woes related to Star Wars Battlefront III continue and once again we have an update on the project that doesn’t bring us good news.  After receiving some new footage from Battlefront III when Free Radical was working on the project interest was of course renewed in playing vast online battles set within the Star Wars universe.

More Footage Of Free Radical's Version Of Star Wars Battlefront III Is Released

Just to depress us even more, some additional footage of Free Radical’s version of Star Wars Battlefront III has leaked.  A long gone project at this point due to the closure of Free Radical back in 2008, it’s odd to see more footage of Battlefront III leak but at the same time this may be the closest we’ll get to seeing what a PS3/Xbox 360 Battlefront game would look like seeing as how LucasArts have been dragging their feet on the matter.

It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later, LucasArts Cancels Yet Another Unannounced Star Wars Game

I don’t know if LucasArts just likes to spend money on projects that will never see the light of day or they simply like to screw with notable developers but I think it’s a bit of both.  After cancelling Star Wars Battlefront 3 when it was under development at Free Radical and then canning Battlefront 3 when it was at development at Slant Six, LucasArts has yet cancelled yet another Star Wars game. 

Crytek UK To Announce New Project Soon, Could Possibly Be A Timesplitters Sequel

When developer Free Radical closed their doors last year it was a sad thing since the company really didn’t show what they could do on this generation of hardware.  Haze, their first major release on the PS3/Xbox 360, proved to be disappointing in every way as the story was clunky and the gameplay was mostly boring in all its modern fps glory.  But nonetheless we awaited the announcement for a new entry in the Timesplitters series, but eventually such a thing never came to be as Free Radical was closed.

Is the Timesplitters franchise making a comeback?

This is one of those cases where we're probably going get hyped only for our dreams to be crushed. But hey, it's better to dream than to be completely nihilistic.  Here's the lowdown: as you may know  Free Radical (Timesplitters) sadly closed after LucasArts pulled Star Wars Battlefront 3 from them.  With no funds coming in Free Radical sadly had to close and that of course meant the in development Timesplitters 4 was cancelled.

More leaked concept art from Star Wars Battlefront.... IV?

I can’t help but be bitter about the whole situation with Free Radical and their Star Wars Battlefront project. If you’re unfamiliar with what happened you can check out the full story here but to put things simply Free Radical got screwed big time by LucasArts and Rebellion which ultimately had a factor in Free Radical closing.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 won't be appearing on PS3/360

Late last year it was announced that the long rumored Star Wars Battlefront 3 that was being developed by Free Radical was being cancelled by LucasArts for unknown reasons. Later it was believed that developer Rebellion, who was responsible for the last PSP installment of Battlefront, would be taking over development duties but it wasn’t clear if they were be picking up from where Free Radical left off or starting from scratch.

Star Wars co-op action could be coming soon

Destructoid is reporting today that there is a new Star Wars game in the works for the PS3 and 360 which is said to feature co-op play. Is it the long awaited Star Wars Battlefront 3 that was in the works at Free Radical and was later unjustly cancelled by LucasArts? No it isn’t. Instead the game is rumored to be a 3rd person action game set in the Star Wars Clone Wars universe.

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